June 21 2018

Nothing like…

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Nothing like getting a ticket on an electric scooter to make people who hate electric scooters happy...

June 15 2018

Her first bike! Super pride super proud!…

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Her first bike! Super pride super proud!... (My first bike gave me a forever scar on my eyebrow because the rubber gripper thingee came off the handle bar so it just was like this open ended pipe and when I crashed it was all like eye pipe puhpow.  I think they’ve sorted that out since...)

June 04 2018

Annnnnd… there’s too many scooters now.

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Annnnnd... there’s too many scooters now.

June 03 2018

Email me! I’ll post it up!

Hey Todd,
Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day weekend! Just thought I’d drop you a quick note and share my latest and greatest video masterpiece… BONGO BOOTY!!! It’s a whole video based around the premise of if they are playing bongos or butts… HA! Nothing but deep philosophical analysis here! 🙂 Just goofy and stupid fun… Any ways – please check it out and consider sharing on OddTodd if it gives you a laugh.

Thanks again and enjoy Memorial Day!

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