December 30 2017

Random Odd Todd Stuff To Read

Good sir,

You will be pleased to know that after twelve long years of failed attempts, I have finally beaten the Sisyphusian trial that is Mep Ball. My final score was 2049 and it is a tragedy that the link to submit my score was broken. Let it be known that Mep has been freed by my hand, for mine shall be a name hallowed throughout the ├Žons.

Yours forever,
Aaron P

PS Check out my friends band website!


I have had this Coff-ay cup for over a decade. It now has a crack. Is there a way to get a new one?



Hey Todd, hope you’re doing great! I saw this in the New Yorker, reminded me of something from your book. Like a lot! Anyway, if you ever need a trailer for anything you’re working on, hit me up! Best, Nat


November 27 2017

Ay! FYI! Odd Todd is available FOR HIRE to communicate corporate stuff… and stuff! Here’s a video of him “working”…

HP welcoming Voltage employees after acquisition by HP


November 01 2017

Our first throwup pumpkin! #bleh

from Instagram
Our first throwup pumpkin! #bleh


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