Yesterday I was walking Roscoe and some dude was yelling into a microphone super loud. I couldn't get that close because he was freaking Roscoe out...

But here's some pics!

Here goes the dude yelling. He was psyched and pissed. The other dude was yelling too.

At this point I noticed there was a big fat thumbprint on the lens of my camera (courtsey of my nephew who like pushed the lens back in the camera manually... he just shoved it back in with his thumb. I was like NOOoooo....)

I was nervous taking this picture. There were dudes in the front seats looking at me.

They must have been extra pissed because there was two rats this time and a new guy. Mr. Fat Cat Pig...

Mr. Fat Cat Pig.

Little rat praying the strike ends soon so he can go back to being deflated and relaxed.

Alot of trucks and cars would all beep as they passed by... (think this one was a thumbprint photo too)

Mama rat and baby rat.

The building that's causing all the ruckus.

ok bye!