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Hi Todd,

These dogs aren’t actually mine, but I’m their aunt.  Which makes it great because I get to have all the fun without the hassle.  But I love them like crazy.  This is Jaimie and Parker.  Jamie’s been around for a few years but recently lost her two older companions, so Parker is new thing for her, i.e., she’s not the baby anymore!  Looks like role reversal to me!



Greetings from Wisconsin, Todd.

This is one of our dogs, Holly.  She’s an 11 month old Great Pyrenees.  She’ll weigh between 85-120 when she’s fully grown, but she’s just a big baby.  She’s an indoor dog and she sleeps either at the foot of the bed or in bed with me and my wife (That’s right, we let her sleep on the bed with us, despite her size).  She’s gentile, intelligent, trustworthy, and sweet.  Even though she’s our little girl she has one hell of a DEEP and LOUD bark, warning off strangers and stray animals.  She doesn’t travel well, however.  On the day we got her we went to the breeder understanding that we were getting a puppy.  We took my Camaro because; it was a nice spring evening, it was a 90 minute trip on back roads, it’s fun to drive, and It’s “Just a puppy” we’re going to get.  When we got there she had just turned 6 months old, weighed in at 55 pounds, and was kind of muddy from playing in puddles (that hasn’t changed).  Into my pretty little car we go, muddy paws and all.  She got worked up on the way home, drooled all over my cloth seats, I mean my seats were soaked!  I know they were soaked because I had to clean up the vomit puddle she made just 5 minutes from her new home, our home.  But all that aside, she caught on quick, became reliably housebroken, and managed to fill an unknown gap in our family.  We love her so much that I felt bad for her when we’re both at work (only on Friday’s), she’s all alone.  I decided to buy her a companion, so now we have a young ½ Boxer, ¼ Rottweiler, ¼ Black Lab mix puppy by the name of Rory as well.  And so far, so good.


Hi Todd!  I had to share with you my cute little one Penelope. 

She is a rescue dog from the Marin Humane Society.  Not only is she the cutest thing ever but she also has the sweetest personality. J

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