Wednesday's Pets

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ideally you will go after your dog and the owner/s of the other dog/s will, at the same time, grab their dog. you could also use that opportunity to educate the other dog owners of this "proper" way to break up a fight. But yeah, this is completely the best method to try. Like I said before my hubby and I were the same way, we'd grab anything on the dog to break it up as fast as possible but (as you might know by now) the dogs will still try to hang on to each other while your pulling on them, that can make a bite much worse. But when you pick their butt up they will almost immediately let go so its a lot less injury to the doggies and a lot less risk to yourself.
heres some pics from my phone and webcam of my two girls who use to fight constantly.  the little chocolate one is my border collie/pitbull mix Kiley, and the fat polka dotted one is obviously my dalmatiAn, Jillian!

my big purple dented scar after the pitbull mix bit through my hand trying to fight the dalmatian. it be a nasty one fer sure.


**More Kissies-Kissies!**

and yes these are the same two dogs who use to try to rip each other's throats out at any given chance.  we changed their diet and the way they were fed, stopped allowing them to sleep in bed with us (very hard for me to do! nice warm furry blanket in the winter) because it apparently creates this "dominance/privileged" issue, and started zapping most their energy out early in the morning by having them run next to our bicycles TOGETHER. so they have to work with each other every day.  almost immediately they both changed their attitudes! the fighting has completely stopped and now they spend all their extra time napping on the couch together and kissing each other in the mouth! 


Hi Todd
This is my cat Polka, she's a nine year old exotic shorthair. I got her from the local shelter to years ago. Polkas personallity  is a mixture between a clown and a distinguished old lady. I love her very much, and have never regretted taking on an older cat.
Lis A, Denmark.


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