Wednesday's Pets

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Hey tOdd!
Here is our fuzzy family. The doggie guy is Fritz and his bestest buds are Polly (the black one) and Hagar. Polly sleeps with Fritz every night. She loves her doggie bud. Fritz thinks he's a cat so he tries to play with them by running through the house. There's nothing like a 125 lb galloop bounding thru the living room. Hagar has slap fights with Fritz while they lay in front of the wood stove in the evenings.
Love Always,
Denise :)


Hi Todd! Well, it took a little while but here's a pic of Scooby! :)
It's a slightly older pic of when we first got him. He's more of a
Scrappy than a Scooby, but that's the name he came with. He loves to
play and is a pretty good dog all around. Our son tells everyone "He's a
Jack Russeller.." He's got some of that, but as for the rest, anybody's
guess... :) When we got Scooby, he was promptly given a middle name.
What dog gets a middle name? Scooby Nibbler Stevens! That's who!
Thanks for sending me email. It does make my day!


About a week ago my parents and I bought ourselves two Great Dane puppies, they are 11 weeks old but already getting pretty big! They are a whole lot of trouble but cute enough to get away with it. The mostly black one is Brody and the black and white spotted one is Boone (like from Lost) Brody keeps trying to help my type as I write this, like I said troubleeee! Here's a couple pictures for you, the first pic is from nap time, the second shows what a mess they make when they try and eat! Hope you like them!



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