Pictures I Done Tooken

Here's The Sistine Apple. I could have totally kicked it over but I totally didn't.

Black Israelites doing their thing in Times Square. I see them yelling on public access sometimes.

Steam Shovel arm in a construction yard I wandered into in midtown. It was giant.

Here's a painting I saw in the lobby of some office building. The door was locked so I took this picture thru the glass. Some hawk just stole her top maybe.

Swatch Store in Times Square at 10PM on Sunday. Don't these people know what time it is?

Bad blurry picture of cool thing in the construction yard. Hole in wall with like vomit construction spillage.
(Psyched to start with new camera this week cause I couldn't get my old camera to do this one right.)

Scary NASDAQ sign.

This thing is at end of the train tunnel to stop the train in case it goes out of control I think.

Florescent light overhead while I was walking along.

That's it!

ok bye!