Weekly Pics!

I am on the painted wall with my friends!

These be my friends!

The biggest air conditioner in the city.

Lobster with balloon in the flesh!

Pigeons in a tree. I thought this was weird because I never see pigeons sitting in a tree. They usually sit on ledges or on the street. An omen perhaps? A pigeon omen?

Oh no! Pigeons in a tree! An omen! A pigeon omen! We're doomed!

Oh please... we're so not doomed.... not doomed at all.... Have a seat...

Trust me....

Down the street from me they were filming something! Hard to tell from this bad photo. I asked the headset/clipboard guy and he said it was a tv show that isn't on the air yet.
It's called Jonny Zero on Fox next year or whatever. Coolio!

That's it!