Pictures for the Week

Ok here's a bunch of pictures from my camera!

Here's some woman's skirt that I thought was funny. Totally looks like a doo-doo blap! Right on her butt! LOL!

A view of the Statue of Liberty from the Brooklyn side. (A friend of mine pointed out those big construction things off in the distance look like giant roaming giraffes...)

I walked by some city building and they were doing some press event for the NAACP. That guy at the podium Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz!

(Play, 'Spot the Woman Looking at the Camera' on the above pic.)

A private public moment with Marty.

Weird to me when they tear down a whole building and you can see that old construction ghost shadow....

Every summer that part of my street collapses in a sink hole. And they "fix" it. Then the following summer it collapses again.
It's seriously an annual collapse.

Roscoe at dog park. He had alot fun with the nephews there (although some dog dick stole the toy he brought..)

Subway flag grime.

The mysterious Avenue X. Nobody ever gets on. Nobody ever gets off. (Although there are rumors that back in 1977... on a double dog kid did... but that might be an urban legend.)

Yeah, Charlie. We need Bus #74 in 15 minutes. It's on the left side row. Sixth down. Yellow roof. Chop chop...

Coney Island Art at the train station. That's umm... Monte the Sea... Glorr...?

The Coney Island Buffet. (Note the modern sparkler on top... And the 0% off on birthday parties... )

This normal looking guy was laying down in the middle of the sidewalk. My nephews and I stopped to look at him to see what was up.
Some woman asked him if he needed 911 and he replied, 'No.... I need to... lose some weight.' He didn't look like it though. I dunno.
We kept going and I did a behind my back click...

The Original Nathan. Still standing. Still vaguely creepy.

Note where we were in 1984 in the competitive eating sportsworld...

How we've grown! (or is it groan?)

The Cyclone seen from an arcade. Doesn't even look real to me. I'm still scared of it...

The Wonder Wheel. Still actually fairly wonderous...

That's it!

Coney Island. Always an experience...

ok bye!