Weekly Pics

Hulahoop Girl in front of the cube at Astor Place. I asked if I could take her picture. 

Hulahoop girl told me I could take her picture on the condition that I hula and she gets to videotape me. So I did. No pictures of me doing it tho- but I did it ok.

Quack.  :-(

Quack. Quack?

The mess of a back room at the Post Office. As long as I get my mail it can be as disastrous as it wants.

This guy was like an old style street salesman type guy demonstrating a "miracle peeler". He was all 'handy dandy' and 'look how quick and easy'.

Security concerns at the Astor Place subway stop. Stray bags with no owners in sight.

Sitting on the floor at Penn Station. I don't know why more people don't just sit on the floor while waiting..

That's it!

ok bye!