Pictures from last week:

Another rat in midtown. This rat looks meaner and hungrier than the Brooklyn rat.


Puppy protector in Grand Central. I wanted to be sneaky taking a picture because those guys probably don't like it and I'm not sure if doggie would like it either. I just think it's so coolio that we still rely on dogs for stuff.

I took a late train home from Manhattan. It was a train I usually don't take and I assumed would go to this stop that I kinda know -but I didn't (I still get confused on the subway) and I had to get off at some weirdo stop and figure stuff out.. Anyway, long story but this place was deserted and weird. I had to walk like 2 miles to get home.

This is my local bookstore. I like it alot cause it's a disaster and it smells like old books and it has old creepy comic books and stuff.

Look at this place! Serious neat freaks stagger out of this place all stunned out --blinking one eye all fast and mental...

Boring picture of some construction site down the street. I put the camera through the hole in the plywood wall. Sometimes they use a bangbangbang machine that's so loud I can hear it at my apartment which is like 7 blocks away.

More pics on Friday for sure!

ok bye!