Pictures for the Week

Warning! These pictures are boring and some are out of focus or too dark!

Here's Roscoe awaiting table scraps. He got a piece of buffalo burger. He swallowed it whole and then wanted more.
I don't understand how dogs don't have to chew at all but seem able to appreciate food anyway. Like they savor the swallow.

Look at this terrible sign! They were giving away free beer inside. This sign doesn't scream FREE BEER!!! as it should.
And 'Consumer Giveaways' ?? Brooklyn Beer Promotion???' C'mon Brooklyn Beer! Don't let your internal terminology make it
onto your stupid signs! Just say FREE BEER! Done and done! Look at this terrible poster!

Brad Pitt and George Clooney were filming a movie nearby so I stopped in to say hello to them. Neither were around. I screamed HEY BRAD!!!!! WHERE'S GEORGE!!!? and everyone looking at me like I was some kind of jerk.

These crew people were sticking a branch onto some metal thing. So when you see that branch in the movie you can be like, 'Hey! I know that branch!'

The movie is called Burn After Reading. If my car got towed because of a movie it would make me not wanna see the movie.

Doo Wop Singers Wanted. Sort of amazing that whoever put this up couldn't even pull it together to get a blank sheet of paper.

Hey! That guy or lady gets to go down in the sewer! I wanna go down in the sewer too!!

Coolio! Under streetness! Psyched I have my camera!

Look! Modern mole people! There's a whole society down there!

Actually the other day they were giving a tour of an abandoned tunnel underneath Brooklyn.

(From this point forward I couldn't stop futzing with my camera settings to get a good picture.
It was frustrating the hell out of me. My camera couldn't figure out how to take a really good picture down there.)

This picture actually isn't so bad --but he was well lit.

This dude (Bob Diamond) actually discovered the tunnel. He told the story about how he heard rumors about how the oldest subway tunnel in the world was underneath this street in Brooklyn but nobody had seen it in years. Alot of people told him it didn't exist. But he got obsessed with the tunnel and found it! Now he gives tours down there. This tunnel was calling out to him for years... Weird calling.

That bedrock or whatever was apparently shipped from Manhattan when they flattened out the island back in the day... or something.

Apparently the tunnel was built by Irishmen. The way they got the bricked curved ceiling was with some kind of giant curved machine thing pushed up and held the bricks up there in a curve... or something. I couldn't really pay attention because my camera was driving me crazy.

This one came out pretty good though-- but when I took another picture right after and it came out it dark. I think I glommed onto someone elses flash the first time.

Here I was trying to take a picture of the backwall but it kept just lighting up the people.

Awful. I was gonna throw this camera in a corner somewhere and let it be a friggin artifact.

Let me try just one more setting or two...

Oh great!

Love it!

A keeper!


This one really captured the dust and smudges on the lens!....Say magnifeek!

I missed listening to the whole stupid tour playing with the stupid camera! Plus, my camera beeps every time I do anything so the whole time while I futzed around-- it annoyed people with the non-stop beeping! I was that guy! The mad beeper!

Anyway, here's smore info on this tunnel if you wanna read more. And here's some much cooler pictures...

ok bye!


PS. Please post camera setting tips for this kind of atmosphere if you know stuff and stuff...