Hey Todd--

I'm a fan and a regular follower of your website. Whenever I need to checkout from the working world for a minute or two, I click around your site and catch up on your comings and goings. I've even purchased OddTodd.com items!

But I've got to be honest... you ticked me off today. I read your post about being disorganized and it set me off! (What a downer that was. Here I'd logged on to get a laugh and instead you got me all wound up.) I totally don't buy your "accept me the way I am and move over" line. I have absolutely no problem accepting you disorganized types -- as long as you contain yourselves. It's when you start messing with my world that I get all nutzy.

Allow me to clarify a few points for you:

No, it is not cute when you show up late at the restaurant, armed with some anecdote about how you lost directions along the way or got lost or lost track of time or whatever. You still kept me waiting and that's just rude.
Yes, I do mind repeatedly reorganizing my route travel plans at the last minute to accommodate you. I'm busy, too, you know. And no, I did not "plan" for your lack of planning.
No, you may not crash on the floor of my hotel room.

I probably sound like an uptight bore to you. Actually, I'm not.
See, the thing you disorganizeds (I just made that word up) aren't getting is that everything isn't all about you. Us more organized folks aren't necessarily control freaks. We're simply people who are concerned about inconveniencing other people. That's why we arrive on time, we ask in advance if we need a lift, and we figure out where we're going to sleep when we suspect there might not be room at the inn. We don't want to put other people out.
And the added bonus in our thinking? When life does throw us a curve ball and we do need to inconvenience a friend, they happily help us if they can because they know this isn't our typical modus operandi.
We planners are spontanuous, fun people, too! We just don't want our spontaneity to overspill into the lives of innocent bystanders, friends and family members.

So there you have it, Todd. That was one lame article and frankly, I was disappointed in you!
(name withheld)

P.S. Lack of planning nonwithstanding, I hope you had a great weekend!