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Ok – this is really sweet.  I took my son to the mall santa last year when he was just over a year old. I knew he didn’t have any clue who the hell Santa Claus was or what the deal was with all the “be good and Santa will bring you lots of presents and candy” thing, like he knows this year. Anyway, I just wanted some cute pictures for the Christmas cards.

So we get in line and there’s like 4 other kids in front of us and as each one of them takes their turns, EVERY SINGLE KID GETS TO CRYING and the poor mall-santa photographer is doing her best to get these kids to smile but all the pictures are taken with screaming crying kids so I start to worry a little like my little guy is going to do the same crap or something. But then I remembered this hand puppet that was in his diaper bag and he giggles so hard every time we play with it so I got it out, sat the boy on Santa’s lap and then went next to the camera and started waving this puppet around and he smiled and laughed and the picture turned out SO CUTE!!! 

The photographer offered to buy the puppet from me for $20 but I said no way.

Anyway, here’s the picture from last year. Happy Holidays!!!


Merry Christmas Todd and Roscoe (and boogery nieces and nephews)

When we were little (many moons ago) many of my aunts and uncles brought us to Grandma Tomlinson’s house.  It was a “really ((really)) small” house in Arlington, CA, and to tell the truth there were 50 cousins, and there were at least 20-30 of us “kids” there each and every Christmas.  ALWAYS THE HI-LIGHT of the evening was “Santa” showing up and peeking into the windows.  There was always something for everyone one of us kids when he finally came inside (this after making all of us scream with delight and fear for awhile).  Some of the “naughty boys” got a bit of coal before they were finally treated to something special from Santa.  I will always have fond memories of being with family and the connection many of us still have to this day.  The real kicker for me was when I was about 10 or 11 and realized that Santa was one of my favorite uncles….and the fact that I can still smell my Grandma’s cinnamon rolls (thanks to my wonderful sister who learned from G’ma the trick to the trade).

Family is the ticket – even if they have boogers (I promise)

TTFN - Pat


Hi Todd, did you know if you send a letter to Santa Canada Post will actually send a reply?

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