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Hiya Todd…

I remember when I was about 5 (more or less), that my whole family was packed in the big ugly blue Pontiac station wagon on the way to Midnight Mass.  Being the youngest, and the only boy, I was pretty much relegated to the very back of the car.  No seat, just hard nasty car-carpet that probably had seen a few grocery accidents in it’s day.  Anyway, I was just staring up through the big back window, & (probably out of just being tired), I thought I saw something in the sky.  I freaked!  I could swear it was Santa on his sleigh! My sisters thought I was crazy, but my parents were very sweet, and told me that he knew we would be at mass, and there would be presents there from him when we got home.

Ok, so I’m a complete dork for having mistaken a plane or something for Santa, but THERE WERE presents when we got home.  My belief was solidified…oh, for maybe another year or so, but that was a pretty magical time for a little guy like me who had to sit way in the back of a crappy Pontiac!  I thought I was so lucky for that brief moment.  Didn’t care that I was sitting on frozen milk spills or something.  I think we had pizza that my Dad made when we got home, & opened presents for a little while & then basically passed out.

Merry Holidays to ya, & good vibes to all!



When I was a little kid my Dad's company would throw a Christmas shindig for the employee's children. One year Santa slipped on his way up to the stage to hand out the prezzies. He landed on his face and broke his nose and there was lots of blood. Poor Santa. It kinda wrecked that magical feeling to realize that he was a mere mortal. I don't remember what stash I hauled away that year, just that my sisters were really excited relating all the gory details to Mom when we got home.


I remember when my sister told me there was no Santa, but I don’t remember it being a huge shock.  How she told me is that my mom used to using different wrapping paper for the presents from my parents and then Santa would use different paper.  My sister took me up to the storage space where the wrapping paper and Xmas decorations were kept and pointed out the leftover ‘Santa’s paper’ hidden behind the other stuff [my folks were ever frugal].  Not sure what kind of reaction she expected.  From what my mother said, she was pretty upset.  Well…the older siblings always have it rougher in general, don’t they? 


This is my first time to send anything to your site. I fist found your
website when I was out of work and hopeless in Seattle back in 2003.  Since
then I found a job, and your sight has been an enjoyable distraction from
long days at work.

Attached is my santa story. Let me know if you have any problems viewing it.

Hope you enjoy. Best Holiday wishes from Alaska.



Dear Todd,
My New Zealand friend married a Korean woman, and they're here in Korea trying to raise their two boys in both cultures.  So last year, my friend asked me to play Santa and pass out presents Christmas morning.  He gave me a full-fledged Santa suit that I stuffed with a pillow.  The fake white beard was really full and bushy, so only my eyes behind my gold-rim glasses could be seen. Then I went to their apartment to the glee and astonishment of both boys (7 and 6 years old).  I put on my best Mark Twain style grandfatherly voice (Santa is 'Grandfather Christmas' here).  They loved the toys my "elves" had put in my sack, and after hugs all around, I took off to change out of my Santa outfit and show up as me to hear all about missing Santa's visit. 

However, I remembered that, it being Korea, Santa had had to remove his shoes in the house, and if I showed up wearing the same socks as Santa, the cat would be out of the toy bag so  to speak.  So I ran down to the local convenience store and found they carried a few pairs of socks.  I bought a pair and changed into them.  That crisis over, the real me showed up, and we all went off to Outback for a steak Christmas dinner, but the older boy kept staring at me all through dinner until finally he asked me quietly, "Mike, are you Santa?"  I didn't know what to say, but I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "It's our secret."  He wasn't at all disappointed but rather seemed pleased to be sitting next to Santa, even if nobody else could know.



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