HER! The friendly neighborhood dry cleaner lady!

Here's the deal. Roscoe makes alot of friends in the neighborhood. He particularly likes places that gives him treats (surprise surprise). The dry cleaner lady is queen of treats so Roscoe pulls me there every day. And it's always very cute. Roscoe stands on his hind legs and puts his paws on the counter like he's a normal customer. In exchange, he gets a handful of treats. And he eats em right off the counter! For a couple months this has been our routine. Drop by. Paws up. Chomp chomp. Very fun. Chomp chomp.

Then like a dull buzzy lightbulb over my head I put two and two together and connected the dots between what goes on at the dry cleaners and his new attitude. (I actually didn't realize it till I took this picture and saw what was going on here. More pics from the camera coming soon btw). Anyway, it was pretty simple. Roscoe at dry cleaners. Jump up. Get food. Then why not jump up and Roscoe get food everywhere? Made sense to Roscoe I'm sure...

So I'm happy to say that the bad dog mystery has been solved. Roscoe now has to sit and give paw whenever he gets treats from dry cleaner lady and for the past couple of days he's been better about not going after stuff on tables.

Even though it's not nearly as funny as when he stands up like he's some sort of customer who has clothes....

ok bye!