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Today I saw news do a psychological study about how you can tell how narcissistic somebody is by how often they update their status on Facebook. If they update 20x and have posted like 50 photos of themselves doing cool stuff then they might be a narcissist. They also said people who have person web pages are total narcissists too. Umm... ok. They had to do a study to figure that out? I think the next generation of people will be Generation N... N for narcissism! You heard it hear first! I'm coining it baby! On my friggin narcisstic webpage!

Take a quick test and see if youre all narked up...


No more slackery here!! Starting tomorrow for realzers! Thanks for hanging in there Daily Fact readers. I'll try to be bettero.. I blame Roscoe!

Here's something to watch in the meantime! He likes dogs too!


So last night I watched the debates and ate 4 slices of pizza during. I was gonna do three and then it was like four and then it was all of a sudden four and that was one too many. But I got an idea to make these debates more interesting! For every five policy questions... one personal question. Favorite cereal? Favorite tv show? Worst habit? Whatever! Why is it so out of the question to get personal on this stuff? Plus it'd be more coolio to watch!



I'm simply not watching new 90210 until I see an episode where all those chicks are eating ice cream sundaes and doritoes. It's not fun to watch those peg legs walking around! Or get some Tiffany Amber situation thrown into that mix. Plus the show is lame. It's fired.

Here's a Peach Pit Dance Off


So I was watching stuff all about this $700 billion dollar bail out. And I've decided I don't like round numbers anymore. I want exact numbers! Like why not $701 billion dollars. Why not $702,500,000 dollars. Let's see a price tag instead of rounding it up here or there. Then I'll think people might be responsible bout stuff. By the way if the government was giving out $700B to the people.... we're all get $2300. Each. I guess that is sort of alot of money...

Here's what that guy Ron Paul has to say bout all this stuff...


Today I found out the most unhealthy breakfast in all of America! If you chowed down this morning to Bob Evans Stacked and Stuffed Caramel Banana Pecan Hotcakes apparently that's the #1 worstest. It has the saturated fat equivalent of 26 strips of bacon or 9 donuts or whatever. Total over the top delicious I'm sure!

I've never been to a Bob Evans but here they go.


Today I learned that there's some coolio freakazoids walking around with something called 'hyperthymestic syndrome'. Basically they're people who have a crazy ability to recall like random stuff exactly. Like if you had a friend that had that syndrome you can be like, 'Where were you on June 7th 1998? and they'd be like, 'I was sick that day and I stayed home eating raspberries...' or whatever was going on that day. Seems coolio except that these people have the uncanny ability to remember to forget vivid bad stuff too...

Here's a nerd with too much time on his hands proving something coolio bout squirrels...


Apologies for the high level of slackdackari round these parts. If I don't post a Daily Face Monday-Friday of this week I will post a picture of my naked butt here.

Not sure if that's a win or a loss but its a word. You can look at a chicken DJ and listen to Let's Get Physical covers here.


Today I found out that Bruce Blakeman is running for Mayor. Ummm... here's his ad.


Hey! No factizoid yesterday. But last night I watched an episode on Intervention that I had on Tivo. Was pretty good. But no where's near the riveting episode from a few weeks back. I still can't get this chick's crazy eyes out of my head...

Umm... and she was...


TV told me that some place is starting to experiment with the idea of feeding prisoners really well. The theory is if you feed em right then they'll not only be happier but the nutrients and vitamins and healthiness will fix their brains from being all criminal minded and stuff. Seems ok. Unless someone did a crime on you and you picture them with chopsticks eating sushi and going, Mmmmmm..... delicious! Thanks State!

Here's Goodfellas at Moe's:



Today local news business dope told me that Best Buy decided to buy old man Napster for like $100 million dollars or something like that. Best Buy said it wasn't a huge investment but good branding or something or whatever. If $100 million dollars isn't a huge investment then I have an awesome deal for them!! They can buy my website for only umm...  $10 million dollars*!?

*I still get to do updates and nothing changes but I will allow a Best Buy banner on the homepage. Deal?

I like when this chick says, 'The latest hits...' like a nerd. And when she says, 'Click on me to get started!' You know she means, 'Click on my boobs to get started...'


Yesterday, I learnt there's a new superbug out there. Good old fashioned lice is making a comeback and comeback strong. Lice is now resistant to regular de-lice shampoo and parents are freaking out because they do the shampoo thing and then still see the lice crawling around on their heads. Kinda gross. I used to get lice sometimes. It made me feel special. Like I'd been chosen.

Is this really an A project?



So today TV news told me about a new game called 'Muslim Massacre'. In the game the player plays an American Soldier who runs around killing as many Muslims as possible. Definitely falls into the 'you're not helping' category of dumb ideas. But of course I had to search for it and found out that the gamemaker maybe had second thoughts about being an idiot.

Here's his post...


Sorry no daily factizoid yesterday. The TV wouldn't stop yelling at me or would show people yelling at each other and everyone was yelling and I went back to reading my graphic novel comic book called DMZ which think is pretty good but kind of wacked but still kind of good.

You can have the first issue as a pdf here. Free! (rite clk save as)


I watched the interview with Sarah Palin and it reminded me of being called out in class when I only half-did my homework. But somehow still getting a passing grade and feeling like I either got away with it or maybe the teacher just had enough of me. Just a flashback.

Girls kick ass in Wasilla, baby! Here's a video of Wasilla Whackdown!


So tonight I was watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmbaum and he was going around Thailand eating gross... I mean... stuff that I would never eat. Like bugs and larvae and stuff. Gross. Sorry Thai peeps. One thing they were catching and eating were called Sea Cicadas. Dudes stand with big nets in the surf and catch themselves these little crab like bugs. And then they cook em up and eat em up and stuff. I tried to find a video but there wernt none.

But found these kids hanging out very bored...


The other day I posted that weird thing about that collider thing that they're gonna turn on and maybe accidentally blow up the world. Oops. If that happens I'm gonna put together a kickball league in heaven. Girls are welcome to play. PS. I hope they have new movies. Fingers crossed!

Here's some chick singing Heaven. (not sure why it has 10,000,000 views?)


Tonight I watched a show called I Survived which I really like even though it makes me upset. Last night they had a story bout a people who survived living in a chlorine gas cloud for like 5 hours. Some train crashed a few years back and the cloud came and trapped him and his family in the the cloud. Weirdest parts. 1. He wanted to unlock a shed or something but he couldn't because chlorine in the air warped the keys in his pocket. 2. He walked into the kitchen and all the pots and pans were melting down the walls. 3. If you get in the shower the chlorine turns to hydrochloric acid. I figured chlorine was ok cause we swim around in it... but not so much apparently.

Seems like a thing the terrorists might be interested in. Remember when we used to be concerned about stuff like this?


Sorry no daily factizoid yesterday. My tivo let me down by not recording anything that was worth while while I was wondering all the while. Long story.

Meanwhile, here's how to write a short story...


So the other night I watched the latest Die Hard movie and they were talking about a 'Fire Sale' which is like hackers doing everything they can to shut down and ruin every computer bank so the world has to like start over on being the world or something. Cause chaos and hit the reset button or whatever. So I decided to research on the net to see how something like that is done. Anyway, I've found out how to do it and set it all up!! It really wasn't that hard. It's all set. But I don't want to be responsible for actually starting the program. I don't need that guilt...

But if YOU want to start an electronic fire sale all you need to do is click this button. And the end of the electronic world will begin!!!!

Click this button below if you dare!!!

However you can't send me bad emails afterwards about how it turned out to be a big inconvenience...


Last night I watched this show called 'DogTown' which was busy rehabbing Michael Vick's dogs. Friggin wanted to cry every time they showed the super scared 'Bait Dog'. It makes me wonder if someone who has the capability to be cruel to a dog may have an actual physical mental problem. Like missing something chromosome wise or something. In the same way psycho killers are missing certain things upstairs. Anyway, I am here to say that Michael Vick will never play in the NFL again. You heard it here first! Screw that dude! Rot in jail, pussy...


Yeah I watched the RNC thing last night and I was half-obsessed with two things.

1. Was the RNC stage designer aware that whatever the color is at the bottom of the big slideshow photo would be the background color for the person speaking?

Alot times it was like soupy or swampy and stuff. And Giuliani looked like he had hellmuck behind him.
Btw. When it comes to Rudy, how did a guy who was so hero-y growup to be such a full blown plastic douche?

2. Who was the Veterans Against the War protester guy who was holding up signs in the bleachers?

Well, I found his blog... Boom done!


So I tivoed 90210 yesterday and watched it today and I had mixed feelings about the whole experience. To me, the 90210/Melrose Place nights was the last time I was excited to watch 2 straight hours of television. Prior to that there was the Love Boat/Fantasy Island night. And probably a few inbetween. I really do want a new show and I'll give this show a little breathing room to try and get good... but was the original 90210 this cheesy? I don't think so!

Lookee here! You call that cheesy?!


Today TV told me that there's a small chance that the world is gonna end in like 10 days or so. Some nerds built some atom smasher thing that will replicate the big bang or something and if they don't know what they're totally doing it might explode or implode or z-plode the world. The only thing that can stop it from being switched on... are lawyers. They're suing like crazy to keep em from switching it on. It would be sort of weird if it turned out that lawyers end up saving the world. I guess we'll know in 11 days. Hopefully, it'll all be ok. It sure would be anticlimatic if we ended it on some awol nerdy stuff...

Here's smore info bout the end of the worlder...


So today besides the blah blah blah about Uncle Gustav and the blah blah blah about pregnant girl and all that. I found out that some guy invented a car that runs on compressed air. I guess you fill it up and like a balloon and then it makes that fart noise that balloons make when you let the air out. It'll totally zoom around like a farting balloon until you land in a tree. There's no steering. Just going. But it'll get you somewhere you're not lickity split and it'll cost you nuttin to get there. Just wear a helmet.

More about the air car is here if you wanna see. MiniCat.

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