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Last night I watched a really disturbing show called Real Chance at Love. Apparently it's one of those VH1 spinoffs of a spinoff starring "Real" and "Chance" and idiot boobed girls compete for their love? Or something? It was bad but then it turned sort of sad. The girls were 'charged' with having to write a song about endangered species. And like name the animals in the song. Not sure why but it made me really sad for animals in general... Rhinocerous... this is ser-ee-ous...

This might be the most hardcore evidence that we're all fukt or something?


Today I learned that they're trying to pass a bill that bans texting while driving in a car. They said the bill is gathering support. The thing I don't get is... who exactly is against passing a bill like this? Are there 16 year old girl policy makers that are like filibustering or something? Does the Sidekick lobby have people in their back pocket-- so to speak? Who votes against a bill like this... and why? Weird...

Here's a test to see how u do while you text and drive...


Tonite local news yokel told me that a 1,400 lb bull escaped from a slaughterhouse and ran free in New Jersey. Cops tried to lasso it but the bull kept going and dragged the cops down the street or whatever. Eventually they sedated it with a dart gun or something and brought it back to the slaughterhouse. The End. I dunno. Whenever I read a story like this I feel guilty about eating meat #1. Because I root for the animal. Somehow he gets an instant personality for reacting normally. I think it should be a law that if an animal escapes from anything it should earn freedom-- or at least life. I mean if it's smart enough to break free who knows what else it could do--- besides taste delicious.


Today I watched 60 Minutes and they talked about how the Afghanistan war strategy is still up in the air. I dunno. I really think war decisions should fall on the military at this point because I trust the military more than the government (famous last words). But seriously, if the majority of the military is thinking there's no point to staying. Or we can't win. Let's just bail out. We can handle the truth. If it's going to be up to the government to decide then I think they should force corporations to make a real commitment to convert any country we try to control into an actual 51st State. We gotta load the place up with fast food, and kmarts and disney and porn and starbucks and take a loss til it gets profitable-- or just forget it.

I mean unless we're serious about auctioning off changing the names of these places... we maybe should bail-- and bring our troops home.


Today I watched alot of stuff about how climate change is still a threat. (They haven't fixed that yet?) I do appreciate that they changed the name 'Global Warming' to 'Climate Change' but I still think that's not threatening enough. Climate Change sounds like summer might be extended a month or so. And there might be a cyclone here and there. I think if they're serious about getting serious they should change it to 'Boiling Drowning Burning Freezing World Smackdown Death Angel Swarm Eyeball Melterarama Time!' Or something?

Here's Greenpeace hanging a banner on Mt. Rushmore...


Today morning yokel told me I have to be careful with ice cream. Dude told me that fatty foods like ice cream and cheese have like secret molecule spies that control my brain and whispers secrets like, 'You're not hungry... keep eating...' and 'Don't stop eating this cheese.... You want more cheese... Eat more cheese.' There's some chemical reaction that makes you over eat when you eat that stuff or whatever. Brussel Sprouts also sends a message. It says, 'I smell like fart. I'm kinda good but not great. I smell like feet.' Thus brussel sprouts still struggling with limited appeal...

Here's more info bout that there...


Yesterday I seen on the TV that the Navy is finally building some big ships that don't look like they were designed in 1940. They're picking up the pace by building some stuff that goes fast and doesn't take five minutes to do a circle. The USS Independence can go way in close to shore and zoom around like a speed boat across oceans and stuff. I think if our tax money is gonna be a thrown around willy nilly... I want some cooler looking stuff to lookat! Like this shippy here!

Look at this triple hulled mofo...


So this isn't something I actually learnt from the TV but I learnt it while at the movies watching the Informant! And it was coolio enough of a fact to cross over from the big screen. Apparently, when polarbears hunt seals they sort of wait on the ice for seals to pop up. Then they get the slap chop attack. But polar bears somehow found out when seals look up from underwater to see if the coast is clear... a white circle (face) with a black spot (nose) means danger. So when polar bears wait ice-side for a seal to pop up... they cover their nose with their paws to camouflage it up...

Here's a video of a polar bear nabbing a seal. Goes from cute to not-so-cute in about 10 seconds...


Today the TV showed me something very coolio. Apparently in like third worldy places there's a big problem in education--- people can't see the blackboard. There's no like Lens Express in the rural village of Ghana. Nor an optometrist or whatever. So some dude invented a pair of glasses where people can adjust glasses by turning a knob on the side of the frames. Cause some sort of light refraction situation so you can focus em any way you want. Coolio idea...

No word yet if it'll come with a spitball screen for the back of the wearer's head...


So TV hammered me again with the threat that swine flu is coming for me soon. And TV told me I was gross if I don't wash my hands or sneeze into my sleeve. I just want to say that I've been way ahead of this game for a long time.

1. I haven't touched a urinal flusher with my hand in probably a decade. Only elbow. (Sitting toilet gets the foot).
2. For the past five years or so I use a paper towel to twist the knob on the way out of public bathrooms. (Seriously, what's the point of washing my hands if I'm gonna just twist a metal knob that 1000 doody hands have touched).
3. I keep Purell on my desk always and a small one in my bag (2-3 years running now)
4. I've thought sneezing into your hands has always been disgusting. I've been sneezing into my elbow or down into my shirt or inside my coat for a long time.
5. I don't make #2. Ever. There's something about it that I don't like so I just avoid that altogether.

Here's 15 disgusting foods from around the world.
Bloody Disgusting (a good site for horror flick peeps)
And the most disgusting cat blog thing is here.


Today the news guy told me that Wall Street is dicking around by investing in Life Insurance somehow. Like trading policies or whatever. Running the numbers based on how long people will live or something? Creepy and cheesy. Starting to remind me of those dudes in college who would gamble on anything. Side bets on football with random field goals. Or playing dollar poker when you gambled on the serial numbers or whatever. They should just get it over with and just move that place to Las Vegas... It's sort of a gaudy embarrassment for New York now.

Here's Mikey Moore bout Wall Street from the Jay Lemon show...


So this afternoon I was watching MSNBC and they have these two chick anchors on that seem to like not like each other. They're all sort of scratching at each other with little jabby insults and stuff the whole time. Melissa and Collissa or something. Not sure if that's they shtick or if they're like that every day but there was definitely something katty going on with the stare downs and stuff. Anyway, they told me my showerhead could be showering me with bacteria...

How'd they know? Here's smore info bout that...

Yah. That's mine. Ew. I know. Just clicked that pic.
Then immediately clicked Add to Cart on this....

9/14Last night I seen a coolio spy robot! Usually spy robots roll around on all four wheels and take pictures or poke bombs with sticks or whatever. But there's a new robot kid on the block. This guy can jump walls! Like up to 25 feet high! So if there's like a chainlink fence with barbed wire it can like flip over it and keep rolling along. Kinda coolio. Except all robot advancement is sort of problematic for me. A robot that can jump 25 feet today will be able to jump through your window and capture you to slave away in the salt mines tomorrow.

Here it go!

9/13So last night I watched the MTV Awards and even though it bummed me out a little because I didn't know who alot of people were (I just assumed they're all in Twilight) but I really glad I watched. It wasn't boring! I liked the antics! I liked not liking Roger Brand! Kanye doused himself in douche. And I thought for the most part the music acts were sort of good. Plus that Lady Gaga was sort of stunning to look at the whole time! (You gotta read twitter feeds during award shows for now on btw. Friggin hysterical.)

Definitely not the smartest show in the world tho. I mean... here's a screenshot at the end of the show. (I took a picture of the tv)..


Ok. I'm a little late in posting this and sorry about that. I ended up heading out of town for the afternoon and then got all turned around and stuff. But as always and forever now it was 9/11 day and I did watch them read off the names in the morning and it made me wonder about why there isn't more outrage that they've yet to build something at Ground Zero. It makes me feel like pretty much anyone associated with it from a city level and state level should be fired. It's enough with people who don't do their jobs keeping their jobs. Someone out there has one task. Get something built there. Someone has to take responsibility for that failure-- and as much as I like the guy I believe that person in Mayor Bloomberg. If he can't get the job done then he should put up his own stupid money to make it happen. Sick of this ridiculous shit... It's an insult and an embarrassment.

Here's a video about building a safer building if they need a head start.


No fact yesterday! But fact later today! Guaranteed!



Anyway, I have a new favorite TV show. No it's not the new Melrose Place. No it's not one of those blurry new shows that are going to wander by for a few weeks mumbling about how great they are. No it's not anything with dancing neither. It's Whale Wars on Animal Planet (or is it the other one?) I dunno. But it's totally solid. Kickass dudes are like ramming their ships into other ships that are trying to kill whales or process whales or something. Pretty friggin jacked up stuff believe it or not. Last night I was riveted....

Umm... not sure how this is fact exactly... but here's a clip that I haven't seen! The camera I saw was on the ship doing the ramming....

(*don't let the 'research' name fool you.. .that's just bs to let them whale on whales.. so they say.)


So yesterday I learnt that your houseplants might be making the air in your house healthier. It like gets rid of smog and does something with ozone or whatever. So there ya go. Your houseplant is good for you!.... umm... unless it's dead. Then it's probably not good for you because it isn't doing anything the air and giving you a mild guilt trip for dropping the ball on the watering thing.

This plant does not look like its good for you...


So last night I was watching some show called Nostradamus 2012. Big yawner. Talking about how ancient Mayans understood the galaxy and blah blah about how the sun in 2012 is going to be dead center in the Milky Way which is going to cause a star attack or something where the guy with the bow out in the universe is gonna like have star tipped arrows and start to use Earth as a target or something. I dunno. But after googling around a bit I'm finding that there doesn't seem to be any more 'legit' end of the world predictions beyond 2012. I think I'd feel more comfortable if there was like some crap about 2019. Just to kind of take the edge of 2012.

Here's a big smashy smash meteorite smashing into the planet...


Today I saw something interesting-ish. Some science dudes who ran out of ideas of how they can f--k with monkeys decided to see how they react to different kinds of music. Turns out monkeys don't really care for human music. They think it sucks. Mellow music doesn't mellow them out. Rocking music doesn't sike em up. So the science dudes hired some music dudes to write music that monkeys might dig or react to. And they did....

Here's some audio...


Ok. Late to post this but I didn't snag a fact last night because I took a movay called 'State of Play' off the pay-per-view-- which I really was liking alot until I flat out passed out on it with like 20 minutes left--. Anyway, it was all about a company that's very similar to Blackwater and that reminded me of something I learned from the tv the other day...

I think Blackwater has gotta be the most buried biggest story in the world. We always hear hints about it being 'evil' or 'too powerful' or the guys are dicks or whatever. But the fact that we have more CONTRACTORS THAN US TROOPS in Afghanistan is a friggin national disgrace and unconstitutional and the most dangerous and worthlessly expensive thing we're doing right now. F that sht. Blackwater is way too 2005 at this point. We have an army! We shouldn't have non-army guys doing military stuff!

Is there a reason why blackwaterusa.com seems to have changed it's name?


I seen on the morning TV that Sony is coming out with a 3-D TV. Very unexcited. I'm not down with the 3D yet in the movays yet (hopefully Avatar will change that) And I gotta assume early 3-D tv has gotta suck bad.  I was all ready to decide it was another bad call for Sony... then I thought about the other market that might embrace the 3-Dness. Porn...

Here's smore info bout 3-D TV


So tonite I watched a show called 9/11: Science and Conspiracy. It was on Nat Geo or whatever. I was kind of psyched about it because I dabble in 9/11 conspiracies and I'm tired of the dabble. I've sobered up to the idea that the towers came down because of the planes. And perhaps the Pentagon wasn't hit by a missile. And 93 was as they say. All that is fine.

But the one problem I keep having over and over again is with Building #7. So I hoped that this show would at least give me some science to hold on to to put these conspiracy thoughts to bed once and for all. But nay. They linger. Because this show didn't even mention Building #7 at all. It slowly seems to be drifting into some sort of side incident that didn't mean anything I guess. But I still would like to know why a building that was not hit by a plane and wasn't on fire nor damaged severely fell down.

Yah I've seen this site...


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