Steroided Threat

Anyway when we first got down to the dancefloor we were just standing and watching- and somehow this muscle guy in a tanktop started talking to us. Not sure how the conversation started. He just appeared in the middle of us. Right away I could see the guy was wasted. Beyond drunk. His arms were gigantic. He was being friendly but it was that kind of friendly that's way scary. That scary drunk guy crazy friendly where you think he could turn on you any second like a pitbull if you say the wrong thing.

I couldn't really hear much of what he was saying but I agreed with everything he said just to be safe. Hoping I didn't step on some landmine in his head by agreeing with something that he hated. The conversation was like diffusing a bomb. You don't want to cross the wires because he was obviously ready to go off. Cutting the wires one by one slowly and carefully. When he finally wandered away from us we all sighed relief- like the bomb digital countdown in a movie was going 6...5...4...3.....2.... then froze at 2.

ok bye!