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Hey! I have a story form when I was nine. I lived in this old town house and for years I always got this vibe that some of the past owners had stuck around if you know what I mean. Just little things like weird sounds like people moving around in a diffrent room then you and once I heard a sigh coming from behind the couch. But what really drove in the ghost factor was one night when I was lying in bed. For some reason I couldn't sleep and I was just sitting there awake. Then a women came in and she was glowing white. It wasn't so bright it lit up the whole room but it kept me from seeing what her face looked like. She was wearing just a plain white dress. She started floating closer to my bed and I just froze up. I thought that if I turned on the light it would make her go away. But the get to the nearest lamp I would have to get out of bed and reach over right in the path of the ghost and I wasn't about to get anywhere close to it. So I pulled the covers over my head (Like that would stop it) And tucked my head under so she wouldn't touch my hair. I was to scared to look if she was gone and just stayed like that for the rest of the night. I've never saw her again but I still got the ghost vibes. Well thats my stoy, I hope its strange enough for you!

Hey Todd,

Here's a Saturday Strange for you!
This is a story from when I was a kid - I grew up in the suburbs.  Our
street backed on to a busy street, so there was a high fence, and then
the sidewalk and lots of traffic.  Starting when I was probably about 9
or 10, sometimes at night, usually just before bed, I'd hear this very
clear, eerie whistling when I was getting ready for bed in the bathroom,
or in my room  (my bedroom window faced the backyard, and the fence).
I'd watch out the window to see if I could see who it was - usually I
couldn't see anything because of the high fence, although sometimes I
could see the top of what looked like a man's hat. I continued to hear
this whistling over the years (I lived there until I was 17) always at
night, and always when no-one else was around.  I could tell it was the
same person, because the tunes and the voice were very distinctive.  I
guess it was probably just some guy who took the same walk every night
for years, but I always felt like I was the only one who heard it. 

Thanks for the great site,
Kim, Victoria, BC


Hi Todd,

   Here is another one of my stories for the Saturday Strange. My husband used to work nights. One night when I was7 months  pregnant I was laying in my bed asleep by myself,  when I sort of became aware that I was not in the room alone.  I had to fight to open my eyes. When I did get them open. I realized that someone was standing over me on the bed, with one foot one each side of my body.  I was pretty scared. I remember that I thought "okay, I have to scream. NOW!"  I couldn't scream, I couldn't move!  So, my body was still asleep! But, my mind wasn't. Someone was still standing over me. I couldn't see the face. But, I got the feeling that what ever it was, it was curious about me, and was something to be scared of. I was pretty sure by now that it was not a person.  I had heard about how when you sleep your body paralyzes itself to keep you from acting out your dreams. So, I concentrated really hard on screaming. At first it came out a just a small whisper-"six", then a little  louder- "siX", then louder "sIX" Then it was a full shout "SEVEN!".  Then I was able to move my arm. The it  just went away.....  and I was able to sit up.  I remember thinking "Why the hell did I scream six, six, six , seven?" Why didn't I scream help or fire, or get away from me you scary it thing!    

I didn't see it  again. I began to doubt the whole had ever happened. But it happened again, after I had my second child. The first time I just shrugged it off as a combination of  weird pregnancy hormone dreams and the uneasiness of being alone night after night while my husband worked.  But, this was real. The second time I wasn't asleep. The  second time I wasn't in my house. I was laying down with my baby just letting her relax and fall asleep. We were away at my in-laws cabin in the mountains. My daughter was a little fussy because her routine had been disrupted, but she was starting to relax.  I got that same feeling again. We weren't alone. I looked up. Someone was standing at the foot of the bed. It was just a shadow of a person, not just black but more like a void, it sucked in the light.  I said " Go away! I don't want you here." then it was gone. I haven't had that happen again. But If I do I'll let you know.  



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