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So, one Saturday I’m home doing my Saturday chores (ie: growing roots on the couch) and one of my dogs pulls a poltergeist on me.

She sits directly in front of the fireplace and stares at the wall above it.  I try to call her and she flips me a quick glance and goes back to staring.  Pretty soon she’s giving periodic barks/whimpers. 

All I can think of is she thinks someone has placed a rawhide up on the mantel.  So I take everything off the mantel and place it on a table and then SHOW her that the mantel is all clear…no bones, nada.  She continues to stare. 

WTF?  This has been going on for about an hour.  She never ever has this kind of attention span.

So then I’m getting a bit freaked.  What if she’s some kind of super dog doing a hero thing and trying to tell me that the fireplace has caught fire up in the wall?  She’s saving my life!!!!  I frantically shut the fireplace off (which involves twisting a knob to cut the gas) and proceed to hug her and thank her for being a super hero dog. 

Then what does the ingrate do?  She sits down and stares at that spot on the wall.

Double WTF.

I’m wiggin out now.  I call my sister and tell her how Guava’s been staring at this spot on the wall, and and I thought it was a fire and and I thought she was this super hero dog and and and and I shut the fire off and and and and and she’s barking and and and whimpering and and and staring.

I’m greeted by silence on the other end of the phone…..

Now, I’ll interject a bit of history….  I used to have a wee bit of a drug problem.

When she breaks her silence I can TELL by the tone of her voice that she’s already mentally planning an intervention.  She gives me the big pish posh run around and says she’ll stop by in a bit.

So I settle in… staring at Guava…Guava staring at the wall.  Staring at Guava….Guava staring at the wall.  Staring at Guava….Guava staring at the wall.

After HOURS of this (including my Sister coming by and witnessing it, thereby sparing me a trip to the Dr Phil show) what do you think happens?  Guava stops staring and takes a nap. That’s it…she just STOPS.  No explanation.  No sympathetic look, saying “sorry I mind screwed you all afternoon…psych”.  Just a nap.  And she never ever looks at the wall again…to this day, not so much a glance.

The only logical explanation is a drive-by poltergeist.  For some reason, a creature not of this earth decided to spend an afternoon in the wall above my fireplace and talk to my dog.  I don’t let myself think too much about what they discussed.  But I do make sure all the sharp knifes are put away before going to bed.


Saturday Strange material...

The following appeared on
Headline: Strength in numbers
Date:     May 17, 2006

"It was 7 p.m. on Feb. 20, 2003. Joanne O'Neill called her son Nick
on his cellphone. Nick's band, Shryne, was to open for the heavy metal
group Great White at The Station nightclub the next night, and he was
there checking things out. He told his mother everything was fine. A
few hours later, Great White's ..."

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ok so i was watching the pope's spech on easter and it was like 4 am. All of a sudden the screen goes black and the LIVE symbol at the top of the screen  is still there.  The weird part is  that this guy in  black sweats,  a black hoodie,  and  a  black cap walks up 2  the camera and says  "so joan, in what  language---"  and then is goes back to the pope talking.  I was so freaked out!


i had a dream the other night. i was in india, in a place that used to be a
jungle with plants and monkeys but it was all dead. the ground was red clay
with nothing growing in it and the trees were all black and dead. in the
middle of it there was an old indian man, and he was sad. so i try to find
out why everything is dead. up on the side of a hill i find a cave that goes
down into the hill, and it used to be full of water, but this time its full
of acid water thats puke-orange. so i go back and i cant find the old man
anywhere. so i go back up to the cave and climb in on the ceiling cause the
acid water is in the bottom. then theres a rumbling noise, the water level
rises suddenly and i get shot out of the cave like a water rocket. or
something that gets shot out of something via water pressure. afterward im
laying on the ground. i get up. theres a dead lion nearby. its grey and has
a red mane. but it turnes out not to be dead cause it gets up. the mane isnt
a mane, but a bunch of spikes that go up and backward from its head. it
wanders away. i go try to find the old man again but i cant so i go back
near the cave. this time its night and all the plants have grown back. i
almost trip over one of those majic 8 balls thats on the ground, 8 facing
up. i look at it, i hesitate to pick it up because in a dream if you do
something like that it could wreck the whole thing. so i ask it a question
that will allow me to prepare for trouble: should i really pick this thing
up? i pick it up, and instead of yes or no it has written on it "ask for
change". then i notice some dice on the ground(6 sided) one had rolled a 7
and had "change" written below the 7. the other was on 3 and had "ask for".

is this a extra added onto the end of the dream to get me to take action?
did the old man screw up the world by gambling and chnged things for the
worse? did something else screw things up, getting the old man to summon me
by asking for a change? Is God telling me to change by asking Him?

After a night of margaritas I went to bed.  I dreamed that I was finally going to meet my cat's parents, as if this was some big deal.  So first I met her father and he was gray and fluffy just like her.  Her mother however, was a package of frozen chicken.  One of those trays with some wings and drum sticks.  Oh, and she had an eye.  So I akwardly tried to have a conversation with a package of chicken with an eye all to impress my cat.  It all felt very very wrong!



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