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It was many years ago I am surprised I still remember it. I was 4 or 5
around that general age and was eating at a local restaurant called
Pic-a-dilee or however they spell it. After enjoying my holesome family meal
we were walking out when I saw a jar. Inside the jar were mints, with green
wrapping paper.

"I want," I thought to myself, "those mints." They were in jar, so
reasonably I took one, thinking they were like the "pick a penny out of the
tray" thingies at the 7 11's.
"Mmm," I said as we reached the car. The mint was delicious!
"What?" asked my mom. "I thought you threw away your lunch when you were

"I did, but I'm eating the free mint."
"Ohhh, the one with the 2 cent sign in front of it?" my brother asked.

I was horrified! I had STOLEN! It had always bothered me until I had some
sense at around age 8. Still I felt somewhat bad. One day, this was maybe 4
years later, we were driving down an uncrowded road.
I saw the Pic-a-dilee, and asked to quickly go give 2 cents to the clerk in
the front. I was 8 years old, and I walked right up to the register and
said, "Hello, about 5 years ago I took a mint that cost 2 cents thinking
they were free. Here's the two cents back, I'm really sorry."
"Ok then..." said the register lady.
I gave her another  2 cents.
"What's this for?" she asked.
"I'd like another mint!" I said smiling, grabbing one out of the jar and
walking out.


My thieving story goes back to college (10+ years ago now). It's not as good
as the girl who stole $5000 from her summer job (sheesh!), but I think it's
pretty funny, given my state of mind at the time.  My younger brother was
visiting me at school for the weekend, and him and I and my roommates went
out and whooped it up at several bars and a party.  Later, we all ended up
at a 7-11 behind my apartment building. We were all trashed, so I was
wandering the aisles looking for something to eat. Before I know it, I'm
slipping a bag of tortilla chips under my coat for no reason other than I
was drunk and acting stupid.  I slipped out of there unscathed, and soon met
up with my brother and my roommates outside. I produce the chips from under
my coat, and my brother looks at me wide-eyed. I thought he was going to
chastise me for shop-lifting, then he grins and pulls a jar of salsa out
from under his coat! Completely independent of each other, we had stolen the
perfect matched pair, chips and salsa.
My brother and I still laugh about it.

Love the site, Todd. Keep it up!
Off for cof-fay,




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