I stole was from this Drug-Rite when i was like 4 years old. It was one of those decorative soaps and for some reason I stole it. I remember I had to go return it to the store and I was crying. But mom felt bad afterwards, since I don't think I really meant to "steal" it, and took me to McDonalds.

Ok, this one isnít that great and Iím not even sure if it counts as stealing, but you put out the call and Iím doing my part.

Anyways, Iím an unemployed guy like yourself.

But Verizon Cell Phone thinks I work for General Electric, and they give me 20% off my bill every month.  Why should the employed people get all the perks?  I called them up and said a co worker told me I could get a corporate discount, and they asked me where I worked.  I told them I worked at GE, and I had an address ready, and made up a position (engineer II, cause they always have weird titles and numbers) and made up a boss name, and gave them a GE number that led to some huge crazy voicemail system, and now I get 20% off every month.

Stealing from cell phone companies is cool, cause theyíre always jerks.


So I'm the IT person for a small business (about 150 people). I'm in charge
of ordering all of the computers and other equipment. I get to pick out
pretty much anything we need for any new employees. When I do, I always
choose something that has a mail in rebate, and I always keep that rebate
for myself and have it sent to my house. I used to give it to the
accountant, but she would never send them in! They would just sit on her
desk and expire! I couldn't let this valuable resource go to waste. Most
computers or other items usually get $50 in rebates. I've been sending them
in for about three years now. I feel terrible. But ya gotta pay the rent,
and I am horribly underpaid. Cause you know... justifying it that way makes
everything okay.

-Thieving Thiever



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