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Hi Todd,
Here is a meatless recipe.  It is for salad.
I guess I should name it something.  Okay, Cranberry-Orange Salad.
I served it at a small catering gig on Saturday.
Take one 11 oz. can of mandarin oranges and one bag of dried cranberries.
Pour the can of oranges over the berries and soak for several hours or overnight.
Sprinkle on top of field green salad. Add your favorite vinegarette dressing.

This is my sister BARB's Recipe! And it is AWFUL! But she LOVES it, and serves it all the time (despite her digestive difficulties), so I figured I'd share with the world.
1 large can prepared spaghetti sauce (I like Hunt's Sausage flavor, but I can't find it anymore)
Heat up the sauce (she uses a crock pot since she serves it for snacking at part-ays, but any ol' pot will do).
Add Pepperoni.
Heat a little more.
Serve with Triscuit, tortilla chips, etc. LOW CARB IF YOU EAT IT WITHOUT CHIPS OR CRACKER!! (cough, choke, gag) </ sarcasm >
Valerie (MrsDaffodyl) From Marshall's Creek PA
AND Barb from Whitehall, PA

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