from Seanead in Birdsboro, PA!

Fruit Pizza

1 tube of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough
8 oz. softened room temperature cream cheese
8 oz marshmallow fluff
various fruits like pineapple chunks, halved grapes, peeled and sliced kiwi,
strawberry slices, etc. I don't recommend using any fruit that couldn't keep
for a day or two, i.e.; apples, bananas, etc.

rollout tube of cookie dough on pizza pan and follow directions on wrapper
mix cream cheese and marshmallow fluff together
slice/peel/chop fruit

when cookie is baked, let cool on the pizza pan
after it is cooled, spread cream cheese/fluff mixture on whole cookie
add fruit on top of mixture
cut, serve, and enjoy!

I like this recipe because it makes for a great summertime snack for the
kids or a great dish to bring to a picnic!


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