Heya tOdd!  Happy Gobbler day to ya!  Tis I, the infamus Ruby Tuesday, sending you my Turk-ay hand artwork and story.  Here goes:

My turk-ay's name is Joseph.  He lives on a turk-ay farm where people come to pick out the "guest of honor" for their Thanksgiving feast.  This is the second year in a row that Joseph has not been picked out.  But because he's only a turk-ay, he doesn't know what being a "guest of honor" means.  He doesn't know that he's luck to still be alive.  So not being picked out this year and last has made Joseph very, very depressed.  He would like very much to be the winner of your contestomundo so that he can feel happy that somebody does like him.  Please have mercy on this depressed Turk-ay.

I used construction paper backing with my hand traced and filled in with a brown marker.  His feathers, spots, head, and pool of tears are made of torn pieces of construction paper all taped to the orginal paper (I couldn't find any glue).  He was finished with a blue marker for tears and a brown marker eye.

Peace, Love, and Cheese.