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hey! here's a screwup for you...
one day, me and my dad were on a car ride and had just recently picked up a cassete tape(because his car doesnt have a cd player) and that tape was a mel brooks and carl reiner comedy tape. while we listened to it, we were laughing so hard, i let out a fart so big, words can't describe it!  it was all from laughing from mel brooks and carl reiner!  that is a screwup!
Tom K, aka TK
Saint Louis, Missouri
BTW... Chelsea, call me.


This happened quite some time ago:
A boyfriend and I were getting hot and heavy, and I whispered in his ear "Hey, remember that time we <insert really intimate and naughty thing here>".  He looked at me, kind of surprised and said "No, I don't remember that".  I replied "Remember, we <more indepth description of naughty act>".  He continued to look at me, puzzled, and said "No, really, I would have remembered that". 
I thought about it for a second and said "Oh!  That wasn't YOU!"
The screw up wasn't that I'd told him about something that I'd done with another guy - it was in telling him that I'd screwed up!
Not that he wasn't happy to try the described act afterwards...
-- D from CO


Hi Todd,

Here is a little something for the screwups section of your webpage. 

In fall of 1998, I was a freshman at NC State University.  There was a pretty tightly knit group of 7 or 8 guys that I hung out with in my dorm.  College football was a way of life for us back then.  Every chance we got, we would get tickets to the game, load up on cheap beer, get rowdy, and go have a good time. 

One time, before a game, we were perfectly loaded up on some Bush's Best and were in a not so perfect state of rowdiness; we were a little too rowdy to say the least.  We lived in a high-rise building with 10 floors; we were departing down from the 7th floor.  Now I must say none of these guys are small by any means; our average weight per person was around 180 lbs.  So of course, we all loaded into the elevator which looked like it came from the 1950's.  As 1400 lbs. of drunken college guys departed downwards, we started to bounce, shake, rock, and eventually ram into the inner doors of the elevator. 

The inner elevator door got knocked off of its track or something and the elevator came to a screeching halt near floor #6.  Alarms were ringing, and we were trapped like sardines in a can in this wrecked elevator.  One of the guys got the doors to separate about 3 inches and then reached up in there and did something that caused the doors to open about foot and a half wide.  Luckily we were stopped close enough to the sixth floor that we could squeeze out and hop down one at a time and run like hell down the stairs.  I don't think I have ever descended 6 flights of stairs as quickly as I did that day.  But all of us got out and away without being caught.  We went to the game and watched NCSU beat Syracuse no problem. 

About a week later (with only 1 of 2 elevators functional in this building) we noticed a sign on the main doors of the lobby that read something like:  The recent elevator troubles have been attributed to vandalism.  The cost of repairing this elevator is $1100. If the individuals who vandalized this elevator do not come forward and pay for the damages, everyone in the building will be charged a $2.75 fee at the end of the semester to cover the damages. 

This is a no-brainier for a college student right?  Fess up and pay $160 and possibly get expelled, or keep your mouth shut and pay $2.75 and nobody knows the better.  I think you can guess what we did.  In fact, this is the first I have ever spoken of that incident (other than to those involved) since the night it happened.  So if any of you Fall 1998 NCSU Bowen Hall residents had to pay $2.75 that year, I apologize and I hope this story was worth $2.75 of your time to make up for it. 

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