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The other weekend I went grocery shopping with my sister. I'm pushing the cart, which keeps hanging to the left (stupid cart!) then we split up...."you go get the flowers for mom, I'll get the cheese" So I get the cheese and toss it in the cart. I see my sister is in deep concentration over what flowers to get so I take off to get some peppers....dum...dee...dum...looking for peppers. Then I glance down at the cart and see some of that fancy gourmet dog food for rich dogs and stuff and I think "that's nice of my sister to buy our dog some food....except...WE DON'T HAVE A DOG!!"  Shit! Not my cart! Not my cart! Ahhhh!!!
So I speed back to the cheese section and see a frantic lady and a few others around her all confused looking and stuff and I pass my sister on the way and she's all shaking her head at me giving that "you're an idiot look". Long, wacky grocery story short, I returned the cart to the victim (who was not amused). Then I get home and my mom's like "Hey where's the cheese?"
Austin, TX

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