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Todd, I just read the wednesday screw up and it reminded me of my stupidness once....
I was eating dinner at Chilis with my best amigo vanna, and there was a mom and a little kid at the table across from us. The kid keeps looking at us and smiling and giggling, so I decide to play back. we had ordered nachos, and on the side was a green pepper that looked like a curved beak type of nose. so me being the brilliant blond I am, cut off the top and stuck it on my nose and made witch-cackling noises to the little girl. well, she cracked up, as did Vanna and I. well, I took the pepper off, finished our margaritas and headed home. well, all of a sudden my nose starts tingling, then it goes into full-on 3rd degree burn mode. The pain was so bad I was sticking my hands out the window to get cold, and then pressing them to my nose. Then we stopped at blockbuster to get a movie, and I stood in the aisle with my nose pressed to the metal shelves for some relief. well, by this time I figured that it wasn't a harmless green pepper, but a jalapeno of death!! needless to say, i iced my nose for 2 days straight and looked like rudolph's twin. thought you'd enjoy one of my many blond moments! I really hope that kid loved my performance, cause I sure suffered for it!
Amanda from NC


ok.. here my screw up... I decided to try a back flip on my BMX bike. So i decided to go real fast hit the ramp and pull back and just flip. WRONG!!! i landed on my back and almost killed my self... so i realized i should never do that again.... I tried it again the next week and i made it.... so much for learning from your mistake.


This didn't exactly happen to me, but it did happen to my mom about ten years ago when I was 8. Someone had plugged the toilet up with women-y things out of pure bordem, and shoved them down there pretty good. Turns out that if you do that, then the toilet doesn't work. So my mom, being quite intelligent, knew she had to unplug the toilet-but how? By sticking her hand into the toilet and slowly pulling out the pads. The deeper she stuck her hand into the toilet, the more she pulled out, until her hand got stuck. She was up to her elbow in toilet water (lucky for her the toilet was clean), and apparently toilet water is very cold. It took a solid twenty minutes to get her arm out of the toilet. Who knows why she stuck her arm down there in the first place when she had the plunger right next to her (it's safe to say my mom's an idiot). She did get the stuff out, and I did get yelled at :(

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