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Hey t0dd,

When I went to Costa Rica the summer before last, I went on this guided trail with my family. Our guide had a thick australlian accent and we saw this termite colony and he scratched the surface and told us to eat the warrior termites, I thought he was just trying to trick us into eating termites. I waited for him to eat some, then I had some, shortly my Mom and her boyfriend did the same. It actually tastes good, the only way I can describe it is like the smell of pine trees. Thanks t0dd.



I was in Maine at age 11 and was snorkeling off a rocky peninsula.  A hot Greek girl leaned over the edge and asked if I would cut some sea urchins off the rocks that she could not reach from land.  I grabbed a few and when I got out, the hot Greek girl explained that they harvested sea urchins for their sexual organs, which had an aphrodisiac effect. 
The hot Greek girl then cut out the sea urchins' eggs and testes and mixed them together in the shell. She then fed the mixture to me on the edge of a Rambo-style diver's knife.  It was kind of gross but sexy in a weird sort of way.
I went back a couple of years later and the sea urchins were all gone.  Apparently this sort of thing was huge was huge in Japan for a while. 
Ryan in MA


Grossest thing I ever ate was fried possum. A friend
has a grandma from WAY in the woods, and he tried to
convince me it was really good and bugged me to try it
just once. It was as gross as gross can be. I tried to
smile and make a nice so as not to say his grandma
cooked a greasy gamely possum, but I ended up making a
face instead.


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