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5 years or so somewhere in Northwest Ohio, I worked as a buyer and I had a supplier that took about 4 of us to a Wild Game Dinner. This is where a local conservation type club (mostly hunters) would gather all sorts of wild game and put on this huge buffet for a bunch of extra large, carthart wearing country folks with concealed weapon permits. (No offense) Lot's of beer and gambling. There was the usual fare like venison, goose and rabbit. They even had buffalo, ostrich and turtle. But the wierdest dish they served was Beaver. (save all the jokes about it tasting tuna) It was really terrible and stringy like. Yuck! But then afterward, he took us all to the local gentlemens club and treated us all to strippers. Love that beaver! Yes!


I went to Florida a few years ago and went to this restaurant near an alligator swamp-thing and was served fried alligator tail. It was awesome, tasted a lot like chicken. 


tOdd,,, This is a glorified PB & J known in our house as a "super"

two pieces of bread, one has Peanut Butter ( chunky is best) the 2nd has butter

now layer peanut butter with Jelly/jam of choice (strawberry is best)

top with potatoe chips.. enjoy.. My kids love it.. my wife thinks we are gross



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