August 12 2017

Weekly Morning Video!

Rabbit – Short Film (2014) from Matt Richards on Vimeo.


YoMamma says:

I finished the internet. Done and done. Only took 17 years.

Anonymous says:

I used to come here to laugh at the antics of Odd Todd.

Now I come here to laugh at the idiots who laugh at the idiots who complain about Odd Todd.

Guest says:

The DFB is garbage. It would never be voted best anything. All it is is a handful of the most unpleasant people you would never want to meet. Avoid the DFB (Daily Facts Board for those of you lucky enough to have never been there) at all costs.

Anonymous says:

Why is most of the people of DFB are so jaded?

Guest says:

Who cares?!? It won’t make them any less awful. Just be happy that they hang out there and with the exception of Squid Boy, don’t come out around the rest of the site.

Squid Boy says:

I had to be told to come around to other parts of the site to see these love letters! Where else have you seen me around? I am most certainly a douche bag, but Anny Boo is not. In fact, all of the DFB crew is fantastic!

Best to you all!

Squid Boy says:

I would rather hang out with the people of the DFB than with the finest people in the world!

Guest says:

all of them. If I had to pick the leader of the douchebags it would have to be that squid guy.

DeeJay says:


Jean_Phx says:

Do you think we might see a pic of the wedding day?

Martha says:

Kristina, ačiū tikrai dėl to pasidžiaugimo pasidžiaugt tai pasidžiaugiam, pasižavim, sušylam, bet kai vakiss viduje vyksta, iš kur gali autorius apie tai žinot? Pvz aš į tavo virtualias erdves ne kartą buvau užsukus, ir su didžiausia šypsena, ir taip daug visko faino radau, bet ko gero nesu net nieko sakius apie tai. Visos šypsenos į monitorių.

flowy dress waitress says:

wedding day? I have read every single blog post and i don’t remember anything about a wedding.

what up todd?

guest says:

Haven’t been here in a while…. OT getting married???? i must have missed a lot.

Whitey D says:

Congrats Todd!

Moomatz says:


Been a fan since 2001, and have seen from beginning to now, and visit almost every day since. Regardless of less holiday toons, I have observed from OddTodd going from single and unemployed, to getting a dog, getting employment, meeting a girl, and getting married. That’s worth more than a holiday toon could ever be. Congratulations, Todd. You deserve every bit.

Maylia says:

the guy in green with the red and white stripes is hott LOL. sorry i cudoln’t make it the weather was getting worse when i got out of the house. but you can count me in the next one!! i <3 improveverywheree

ALON says:

Congratulations and many blessings to you and your GF/F soon to be W! Loved the comic thingy, but who the hell is that bald guy with the glasses? Where’s your blue robe?

Reagge says:

This is a wonderful shot! The clroos are very nice, and laid out perfectly with the shapes within the image. I love the action on the flag, as well as the shadow that it casts on the ground creating more depth in the image. This is very well done. Also, as Riika points out, it was very nice to know how you did it. Great shot.Cheers

Beetlejuice says:

Congrats on the wedding. I had to laugh at the “slower updates for a while” title. Slower than none? LOL.

Mitash says:

The composition and coorls are really, really nice (as always Matthias ).I really wish I didn’t live in such a flat country like Belgium though. I’ve actually have take photo of a lonely tree on a hill top’ on my list of things I want to take a picture of

Renais says:

Again, congratulations Todd. I hope you and Erin will be happy together.

@ALON: I believe that’s the “Real” Todd featured in the comic strip and not the character that’s based on him.

Loki says:

Congrats and enjoy a new chapter in your life… but you better make toons about it. Lots of good vibes and happiness back at you.

OddTodd_2018 says:

Just wait, soon will come my series in 2018 called DivorcedLand. Only I will have lost half my stuff and like will hafta pay child support for a kid that most likely isn’t even mine and stuff. Anyway see you soon with new toons then.

Mirror Universe Mep says:

Come on man! You shouldn’t say things like that. Why so jaded?

OddTodd_2018 says:

I’m not jaded here in 2018. I’m really happy to be back in the saddle again doing toons. Turns out the GFF gets a freakish high dose of radiation from going to the dentist at an exam in 2014. Then a tumor starts to grow and one day pops out of her ear and like grows in the bed in the mattress and stuff. Well sad to say that one night the GFF gets it from the Tumor GFF that grew to replace her. You’ll see all about it in the toon in 2018.

Krankor says:

Brooklyn today, Hot Springs tonight!

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

Congrats on the wedding…. and stuff. I’m glad to see you kept your sense of humor on the “updates slower than usual”. If they were any slower, they’d reverse the flow of time itself. And…. stuff.

Sweetie says:

I like this photo and this is why. It provides that inetrest in the foreground and also pulls your eye into the background, like the big rock structure in the back that is on the water horizon line. And since sometimes I like to study details I even like the little puff of water that is spraying near the two wooden posts near the upper right hand side of this photo. Do you see the puff I am talking about?

Lora says:

Well done HDR. I knew it had to be due to the range between the sky and the furegroond. Well done I really like how it looks natural, not over done. Plus the composition is very clever, the inclusion of the road pulling your eye to the misty fields, the trees, the colors are fantastic in the sky. Its great to be there when it all comes together, its even greater if you can capture it and as always you have superbly!

stef says:

toddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd getting married!! I feel like having followed you for this long, I should be sitting on your side of the audience, throwing fudge-striped cookays or something

Amina says:

This is wonderful. I love that you magnaed to expose both the sky, and the ground, especially shooting directly into the sun. Great work, and wonderful subject!Cheers

Rey says:

Buvau pametus jusu adersa Na pameciau pameciau,ramiai gyvenau. BET ATRADAU jus vel!!!!! JEEEE!!!! Dar karta didziausi komplimentai JUMS! Kiekviena irasa skaitau su pasimegavimu, nesvarbu net receptai jeigu rimtai Nes pats irasas toooks siltas, linksmas ir mielas! Ir vel negaliu atsitraukti nuo jusu blogo!!!!Aciu kad esat!!!!

hebba says:

Yay! Congrats TOdd!

Felix says:

Fabulous my friend.I have wntead to create a shot like this for some time now. Wind moving mater, especially sand, over the course of a long exposure creates such a cool effect. I love the flag as a foreground piece as well.Awesome shot!

Bella says:

yes gorgeous shot i’ve never tried to shoot at night, the rseult is really amazing ! and it must be funny to be frightened by the noises of mother nature ! imagine you discovered a wolf on your final picture walking at three or four meters far from you !)

Antony says:

Matthias, if I look to your exposure bias from the last 30 puecirts, I see that with your 350D you had to under expose quite a bit for long exposures while I don’t see this for you 5D. Do you have some explanation for this or is it just the camera difference?

Nicol says:

Go Todd!!!!!!!1

Michael says:

Great sky old friend. Such a faloubus capture soothing and vibrant.I swear I gotta hop the pond one of these days and see if we can’t go shoot.Keep in touch.

Yaraanka says:

Very cool night shot. Before I read the text beneath the photo, I was trinyg to figure out how in the heck you were able to get a long enough exposure in broad daylight to blur the clouds that much! I was initially thinking f/32 at ISO 50 with about a dozen ND filters stacked on top of each other. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t totally crazy. There must have been zero wind because the trees appear so sharp. Very nice job.

rab says:

congrats – share some pictures (if gf/f/w lets you) 😀

lana says:

congratulations and my best wishes for you both. being fan since 2001, i’m looking forward to more funny stories about the joys of being married 🙂

Z says:

Congratulations tOdd! May YHWH bless you both.

charlesm says:

Congratulations Todd!

how to build an app says:

Most creators are part timers working the service is not so cool.

Movie fan says:

I just come by for the Mov-ay Reviews.

Anonymous says:

My first New Year! 😀

splooge says:

wer has that cokk sukka mizza dhenng been ?

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