Subject: Mikaela
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 06:20:32 -1000


Hi Todd,

You Rock!!!!

Thanks for the best start of the new year. We fell over with laughter when

we heard she won. Mikaela is such a sweetheart but a goofball so she is

often the butt of jokes. Nothing mean or anything.


She is kinda overweight and walks at a leisurely pace with swaying hips

but always with a smile on her face. She's not a good watch dog as she

loves everyone and only barks when birds try to eat her food. It's kinda

ironic that she wins a food bowl because she's been on a diet for about 4

years. (when we take her to the vet - they usually examine her on the

floor because they can't carry her onto the table)

She is known for her HUGE appetite and she basically does 4 things: eat,

sleep, poop and smile. (not always in that order)


Anyway, she is such the underdog story. Kinda like Seabiscut except her

nickname is "Big Mac". We got her from a breeder who bred her for two

litters then wanted to get rid of her. So at the age of 5 she joined our

family, (she's now 11.) She was sad for awhile but I think she's happy

here. Some people kind tease her because she's so mellow and laidback but

now she's better than them because she won an OddTodd contest!


Attached a picture of her when we told her she won.