December 24 2010

Hey! Welcome Back! And Happy New Year! Full site update by day’s end!


Anonymous says:

i like this

dirtyBastard all MePed Up says:

Lovin the MEP Late Night Style !!!

MsM says:

I love the Mep no-paper paperdoll! Make it into an app for Ipad & maybe I’ll buy one, just to use the app.

Ginger says:

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!


naisy says:

merry christmas todd! hope you have a good one!

Medusa says:

I hope Santa gave everyone just what they wanted!
If not return it and get a deal with all the after Christmas sales, woho, double profit!

Concerned Pervert says:

Uh-oh. Better put away your weiner before Concerned Parent exposes her underage daughter to it and scolds you in a letter.

Chris says:

Todd you are and always will be the man. Merry Christmas

Renais says:

Be well in the new year Todd.


rure says:

12 year oldish. Mostly ish! Scary – and people that like this are voting?!!!

high yield investment program says:

What’s another word for “thesaurus”?

Guest says:

Holy crap Todd, if that little loser kid that thinks he is the censor of the drawing thing sees this, he is gonna blow a gasket. He won’t tolerate your penis drawing and if his mom ever lets him out of the basement, he’ll track you down and cover your shlong in dots.

free article submission says:

Why money factor is given much important in Indian elections?

Odd David says:

I had to check behind the big mirror at my apartment to see if Todd installed a spy camera. Dude, you stole my dance moves. Love it!

Andy says:

I was watching some cooking show on PBS today and a toon by Todd came on in the middle of the show!! I wonder how many of these ‘outsourced’ toons are floating around out there??

Haven’t been here to the site in awhile, looks like there aren’t any new toons. 🙁

Idea for tOdd says:

I think we should create a campaign for support of Todd’s work. I would be honored to pitch in. 🙂

Lizzlee says:

Love everything you do, but I think your second column needs to have options about what jerks your ex bosses might have been — don’t blame it all on yourself!!

Goats says:

I miss tuesdays lunch recipes. I think we should bring them back.

Medusa says:

Eve my cat thiks Roscoe is way cool decked out in his winter coat!

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