November 23 2010

Results Time! The 6th Annual Change Jar Contestamundo!

Hey! I took my change jar to the bank and cashed it in! Here are some pictures! And we have a winner!
Click through for the results!

Roscoe at the bank awaits the results! Click through to see the winning number!


jollyroger wins a personalized coff-ay mug all drawn all over by me! Here’s the winning guess!

Thanks for all who participateded and stuff! And hope you had a good weekend!

Good vibes to ya today!


Odd Todd says:

GUESS VIA THE BELOW LINK please! This area is just for random comments! —- guess board over there!

mish says:

How did you reply at 10:27 when it’s only 9:54?

Medusa says:

ok so i messed up first guess, how to remove post i put on there?

Susan B. says:

I LOVE these contests!!

Goats says:



oddtodd7 says:

GUESS VIA THE BELOW LINK please! This area is just for random comments! —- guess board over there!

Anonymous says:

Hi OT,

My guess is approx $186.56

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

My guess is $.34 cents and my random comment is “I think I like the blue one better. The red one makes my ass look big”

Paullers says:

This is just weird! Who has change anymore? I know Todd has a Debit card, he posted the number and his PIN (was it ROSCOE?) a while back.

I’ve used my debit card for everything for like 15 years, and have to get quarters at the bank occasionally to do laundry. I end up with change from picking it up while I’m riding my bicycle. I carry about $15 in cash with (hopefully) a handfull of ones for snack machines, maybe occasional train fare, and other stuff. I then try to get rid of the change in my pocket as soon as I can… I even sometimes give some of it to the guys who hang around the ciggie store, “got any spare change?”

Once a bum came up to me and asked, “Can I get $8 for a taxi?”

Truth Be Told says:

Bums piss me off!!

Anonymous says:

A dollar three-eighty.

No soap, radio.

Jean_Phx says:


Truth Be Told says:

I know this is off topic, but Todd you HAVE to buy out the owner of the domain name ‘oddtod[dot]com’. It sucks being at a library and accidently going to a porn site.

oddtodd7 says:

I know I feel stupid. I used to own it and I let it lapse by accident and someone swiped it. 🙁

Concerned Pervert says:

Your loss = their gain is another way to look at that.

Donny says:

what ever happened to the turkey contestamundo?

Truth Be Told says:

tOdd probably canceled the event at the last minute. Figures. Oh well. I prefer this contest better. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and drive safe.

Truth Be Told says:

Ooooooo…. pretty colors!

[background pattern]

javagirl20 says:


webpage maker says:

That’s all I could think of…can you answer them?! heheh!! >_<

WTF?!??!?!?!?!?! says:

I just took a dump so big, I lost a pint of blood.

Amazed says:

I can’t believe it’s not butter

Z says:

I pray that the Lord spam and jam ODDTOD.Com until they are forced to go out of business.

I pray to the Lord Jesus for this.

Love, Z

XY says:

I agree. tOdd, keep a close eye on oddtod[dot]com and buy it out when the domain expires.

Medusa says:

Congrats to the winner, yea!!!!!

RaySan says:

How can you have more Quarters than Pennies? That just seems a bit strange to me.

mepball says:

your mom

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