November 22 2011

8th Annual Change Jar Contestamundo! We Have a Winner! (+emails)



Here’s the winning guess in all its glory!!!

barkenstein says:
November 17, 2011 at 11:18 pm (Edit)


Congrats to Barkenstein!!!!

You win a $25 Gift Certificate to Amazon! AND a hand-drawn coff-ay mug!! (I’ll draw and personalize a mug for you and send it to you!)

Coolio and CLOSE guess! I’ll be in touch to work out the details!

Sorry it took me so long to post the results. According to my web guy– my site was down for a chunk of Black Friday today because…

“Someone one was doing a DDOS on the network”

Whatever that means…

ANYWAY, Thanks to all guessers out there for participating! Big number this year! Booyah!

Good vibes to y’all and hope you hadda happy thanksgivingness…

Give thanks.

Congrats again…


G’day tOdd! Just watched your work again and passed it on. Funny but
Josh’s voice reminded me of the skit. If you haven’t seen PLEASE do!!! BTW I based your info on to
SEI too so another contract I hope… Cheers, James

> Subject: balls story
> From:
> Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 06:58:53 -0500
> To:
> I was in gym and we were playing football and someone threw the ball and it hit my nuts square on!!!
> I rolled on the floor holding my ball for like 10 minss
> The coach then wanted to see my balls right then
> So i had to put my shorts down infront of everybody!!!

> Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 23:10:13 -0500
> Subject: STRANGE UP!
> From:
> To:
> I just woke up at 10 something PM with my mom yelling at me the I was
> like I’m getting in the shower but she didn’t hear me then I go back to
> sleep for like 10 minutes when I woke back up I was in my room laying on
> my bed and my hair was wrapped in a towel………I don’t know why but
> this came close to happening before


Matt says:


offmodel says:


Matt says:

$143.65 Forgot email last time

Christina says:


Richard says:


dominic says:


Sassy says:


Sassy Starshine

Laura S. says:


hellrux says:


Miguel A. Almanza (FB) says:


$52.38 with that piece of green gum

Whitey D says:


Haha 69

Jae C. says:


Thanks for the opportunity to win such fantastic prizes – and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s change jar includes a few random pieces of pocket trash. 😉

roarkachu says:


Gary O says:


ren0001 says:


Odd Todd says:


Lauren says:


Mrs. Susan says:


KOOOL says:

$ 362.47

Bill Todd says:


Deborah says:


GQ says:

hard to tell how big the jar is though!

meg says:


meg says:

that was supposed to be a $

The Super One says:


Shana Kyler says:


Lori says:

$72.53 (if win, I don’t want the gift card, but I would LOVE LOVE the cup.

Lori says:

Udated: $72.53 and a day glow green piece of sticky note.

Auxman1203 says:


Meatloaf says:


Meatloaf says:


Meatloaf says:


Megan Z says:


NashvilleBill says:


Denise McEntee says:

168.42 !!!!!!!!!!

Marc Newman says:


Yellowdog says:


Bad Morning Idea Tester says:

$45.63 Not including tax, license, insurance, excise, franchise, or the helmet. First borns optional as collateral for lay away plan.

Bad Morning Idea Tester says:

Roscoe sais Elf UP on a dollar 360?

Seattle Tim (Laos Tim) says:

$178.46 bitch! You better not sell my email address to penis enlarger websites!

Stevarino says:

$52.00 even! Yes EVEN! (Maybe)

Bad Morning Idea Tester says:

What is up with these guesses? It ain’t Fort Freekin Knox… you are all HIGH or are you?

Alisa says:

I’m guessing $55.

Jerry says:


David Lewis says:


Bad Morning Idea Tester says:

Mr. O. Todd, please aske ye old commentors to lighten up… it’s just a bunch of germie coin! Oh, and its $48.93 with postage.

enlightened person says:

plus that shiny green sticker thingie

Justin says:


Justin says:


Justin says:


ninefiveitguy says:


Backbeat Tom says:


Emma says:

There are a lot of quarters in there…

Dan the Man says:


Roscoe Fan says:


Anonymous says:


Steve Lindsey says:


Lorelei says:


Sandra says:


shakka. says:


flowy dress waitress says:

$ 37,23

flowy dress waitress says:

$ 52,60

flowy dress waitress says:

$ 23,00

Jean_Phx says:


flowy dress waitress says:


Anonymous says:


Bridget B says:


Kursk says:

+ some weird Canadian coin
+ a coin you think is Korean since it’s got swoopy characters but you’re not sure.

Dante Bean says:


Julie says:


barkenstein says:


Kathryn says:

$73.33…I hope. Thanks, oh Odd One.

fudge dried cookays says:


ClayLeigh says:



KOOOL says:


Buh boh says:


Jeff says:

I have a new strategy..You said guess as many times as u want Ok .01 cent!

Jeff says:

.02 cents!

Jeff says:

.03 cents!

OmRecords Fan says:


Nick says:

Are we doing Price is Right rules? I’m gonna say…. 28.36

Jeff says:

.04 cents!

Jeff says:

.05 cents…this seemed like a good idea when I started. Might take awhile though. Need to go to bed and get all rested and stuff! Drink me some Coffay..tomorrow and perhaps begin again! I really want that personalized mug!!! Not kidding!

Green Tea Latte says:


Pope says:

My guess is $148.28

Green Tea Latte says:


Butterfinger Boy says:


Peter Griffin says:

Shut up, Meg.

Butterfinger Boy says:


Kit Kat Man says:


Anonymous says:


DELOREAN72 says:


barkenstein says:


Anonymous says:


Give the $25 to a local homeless person if I’m right. It’s getting cold out there.

KOOOL says:

$ 182.53

Pope says:

I forgot to put my email. My guess is $148.28

Hawkeye says:


Nibbz says:


Cool Cobol Guy says:


Wenday71 says:


I.T. Red Bull Drinker says:


Jeff says:

Damn 57.90
I’m not kidding this time…yeah right…lol

jollyroger says:


Nibbz says:


pee pee says:


pee pee says:


That guy from that place says:


Nibbz says:


I.T. Red Bull Drinker says:


Green Tea Latte says:


legion357 says:


Tammy Hudson says:


Tammy Hudson says:


I.T. Red Bull Drinker says:


Bad Morning Idea Tester says:

I’m back! After consulting the Super Commitee, Bernanke, and the World Bank, I’ve arrived with the exact amount of $75.02 and that allows for inflation, a deficit, and crows flying.

Mike Drigers says:

I disagree, Mr. Fancy Pants Super-committee. No soup for any of you! 🙂

I.T. Red Bull Drinker says:


zen.. says:


Mike Drigers says:


zen.. says:


keetots says:


Rampage says:


Coconut Girl says:

It came to me in a dream: $122.63 🙂

Sleepy Guy says:


Clear Blue Waters says:


Hung Daddy says:


Butterfinger Boy says:


Master E says:


Randi says:


Butterfinger boy says:


Nibbz says:


oddtodd7 says:


billyt says:


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