March 09 2011

New ABC News Toon!


They ran a cartoon on ABC World News last night. You can watch it here if you wannas…

… and stuff.


Legion357 says:

Roscoe has made the big time! In Dogperson on ABC Nightly News!

Way to go Roscoe…and Todd

SS says:

Roscoe…You are a star…caught you and Todd on ABC News tonite.

Mick says:

eff Roscoe! Mep and Elf-Up! FOREVER!

Matty N. says:

They should have gotten an opinion from Andrea Mitchell.

jo says:

yeah~! Great to know you’re back on the tube again tOdd.

Donny says:

so, the female voice in the toon, is that the girlfriend’s?

Sammy says:

was thinking the same thing… which begs the question, Todd you screwing the crew, dangerous waters my friend

the REAL weeze says:


Jim M says:

No wonder there are so many divorces these days. No one has a clue about what marriage is about.

Nicol says:


Yellowdog says:

Todd, your cartoon was the only good thing about this segment. Great job as usual; glad to see you’re still keeping busy with the freelancing.

Cisco Colin says:

Exactly, those people who keep complaining that he isn’t making laid-off toons need to get over it. No one stays the same for 10 freaking years! Todd was working in a career that he thought he’d enjoy and then the bubble burst. Todd has finally found his career and he is happy with it.

Todd, I know that this is off-topic, but I think you should not give up on Windows & PCs. Your potential Apple Mac computer will be a perfect additional to your other Apple products (iPad and iPhone). I hope you find your computing experience on your upcoming Mac computer a smooth one.

JoshV says:

Great job as usual!

My Butt Here says:

Cost of having sex in a relationship is expensive. Everything we go along with to make her happy winds up screwing us in the end. Take the monay and go to back page dot com. I would have save a ton of loot that way and gotten laid more. Had the time to do the math after my divore. After committing myself financially to decisions “we” made, meaning she would be a bitch and hold out, divided by the number of times we did it. It cost about $400 bucks. Many of my married buds say I got away cheap with that number. Most average about $800 bucks for every time they screw their wife. Add kids and your fucked.

Comparative Advantage? says:

Where is the advantage? In your example the guy does both activities faster.. he should ditch the wife.. she’s slowing him down and slowly sucking the life out of him.

BTW – How’s the new GF?

The Man says:

Screw Roscoe.

Anonymous says:

Not enough farting in the cartoon.

Other than that it was very good.

Preacher says:

Marriage is not about you! Don’t get married for selfish reasons. Try doing something for someone else, its great! If you live only for yourself, you’ll want more and more, never be satisfied, and your life will be empty.

I love God

Becky says:

Yay! The Roscoe appearance made me smile so big. Great toon, Todd. You rock!

waverly says:

Excellent work, Todd. I lol’ed.

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