March 27 2014

Already a procrastinator.. 5 days past due..

from Instagram
Already a procrastinator.. 5 days past due..


Arwen says:

LOL! Definitely your kid 😉

Frank Sinatra Is Dead says:

Much like you and this website Todd that “coff-ay” schtick is old and busted.

Popeyam says:

Lol, I guess she will come out when she is good and ready.

Charles in Boston says:

Yay! Todd… I’ve been a huge fan, ever since your earliest Fun-ay cartoons of Laid Off… Congratulations to you and your wife. I have a daughter, myself (6 year old), and it’s wonderful. Best wishes! charles m l-f.

Anonymous says:

Can’t wait!!!! Good Luck!!!!!

me says:

thank goodness. that baby’s mother deserves her owned damned birthday. xx

Twinkletoes says:

Wow I haven’t been on this site for a couple years… and now I come back and found that Todd procreated. How the shell did that happen???

Diane Fern says:

Watching your Laid Off series. I haven’t laughed so much since. . . I don’t know when. You have a gift for making people laugh! Thank you! I’ve been looking for work since December, 2010 and have been waiting for the ideas to “do what I love” and praying that God would send me $200,000 in the meantime. Hah!

Anonymous says:

is that a PINK onesie?

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

Does that onesie come in my size?!?!?

Nicol says:

So cute. Maybe the new baby can provide us with #9 already. Best wishes to you and your family.

Moomatz says:

So, how’s the baby thing?

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