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Some annoyances to keep you slacking a few minutes longer:

-          Is it only perception or do candy companies really always give you 10 times the least favorite flavor type?  For instance, get a bag of those Hershey minis and you’ll get 45 Krackels, and only 30 Milk Chocolates, 20 Mister Goodbars, and 15 Special Dark Chocolates.  Or Life Savers – way more lemon and lime than cherry and grape.  And if I remember from my childhood, the same was true with any of the variety flavor boxes of candy, popsicles, etc.

-          An easy one – the weather-as-a-major-news-story trend.  Six inches of snow fell in New England!!! In February!!! Imagine that!!! A car skidded into a pole!!! Rain approaching!!!  Rivers overrun their banks!!! OMG its going to be windy tomorrow!  Run for your lives! Every day is the apocalypse!!!!

-          Loud commercials.  The technology exists to limit broadcast volume output to a consistent maximum level no matter what the source; regular programming or commercials.  Now if we could only get TV and radio stations to use it.

-          Speaking of commercials, embarrassing ones like the “four hour erection” (Cialis, Viagra), the bicycle seat wrapped in barbed wire (Preparation H), the “may cause bloating and uncontrollable discharge” (ugh!) And Janet Jackson was raked across the coals for a less than one second nipple flash??

-          Oh yeah, “weeze”, “wooze”, and “the real  weeze”.


Hi Todd,

I am sending this in NOW because I am freakin' annoyed
I decided to try and not curse during Lent, but this bleep bleeping
bleepity bleep bleep is ridiculous.
As you know, I am being laid off in a few months (62 business days
left).  We have to train our replacements who are in another state.
The only way to do that is by telephone. They log on and they can see my
computer screen to see how I do my stuff.
I need a headset to do that.  I work in a cubicle and I can't use the
speaker phone.  I have asked IT for a new headset as the speaker part of
mine doesn't work.
I can hear the other party, but they can't hear me.  Just get me a
headset okay!? Sounds simple right?  My supervisor sends me this nasty
email about how they are not going to wait until I get a headset and
that none of the headsets work.  I just need to train without one.
Here is what she said ( I have changed the names):
You need to train orange and banana without a head set. I can’t hear a
word you say when you use a headset and I feel that they all work that
way. Training will not wait on you having a headset.
banana – you need to move forward and schedule this meeting.
How stupid can you be?  First of all my co-worker uses a headset to do
her training and her conference calls everyday so I know they work. I
also know that my supervisor can hear my co-worker on her headset.  Am I
rambling?  Yes I am.  Every time I see an email from this woman, my
pulse gets faster.  It's the tone in which she says things that really
get to me.
They have some kind of noise barrier thing that allows them to use their
speakerphone without anyone hearing them.  I told her before that we
don't have that.
I know we are being laid off and are therefore not important to her, but
she does need us to train her people so you would think she would be a
bit nicer than that.
Today is Thursday and the training wasn't going to be scheduled until
next week anyway.  Perhaps I could have a new headset by then if she


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