March 18 2014

Any day now …

from Instagram
Any day now ...


supercodplayer1995 says:

Todd’s future baby boy or girl. Keep us posted!

Smirk says:

So awesome, Todd! Woo Hoo!

Stanford Bookshop says:

Very cool!

Henderson's Ghost says:

I have a fever.. A fever that can only be cured with more gunfever…

serina says:

todd had sex with a woman? when did this happen?

Henderson's Ghost says:

The last time your mom was in town. Zing!

dung says:

were haz dat cok suker mr de ng been ?

Mike + the Mechanics says:


Rosco's Gimp Leg says:

Todd is running out of time to find out who the father is.

gunfever says:

good luck todd!

StephanieSays says:

What is wrong with you people? contrats, Todd. I have been following you since your unemployed days. I have no idea why you are in California, but it’s coolio that you are keeping lots of your private life private. Congrats on the huge life changes. 🙂 Please don’t name the kid a California name and keep your New York sensibility…in that department, anyway.

gunfever says:

i love todd

Pope says:

Any baby news yet??

Popeyam says:

Any news yet?

Sh!tForBra!ns says:

Wow. I haven’t been on this site for a while… this is NEWS!!!!

ThomassnoK says:

I congratulate, what ecxellent answer.


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