February 06 2012

Apps Acting Up Again

So for a while I got kind of burnt out on apps for my ipad and iphone. After the initial glee of Angry Birds and Tiny Wings there was a downward spiral into football kicks and home run hitting without much satisfaction other than obsession to conquer a game nobody cares about.

I had a quick affairs with Temple Run and Where’s My Water but they were whatevery. Fruit Ninja got a fling but I’d get my asskicked all the time playing multiplayer– and got tired of it. Couldn’t stand knowing that there was some 12-year old laughing about how pathetically slow I was at slicing fruit samurai style.

I tried a few adventure type games or shooters but they were also sort of whatevery. Am I really going to sit here on ipad and kill zombies or race cars for hours on end? I started to wonder about apps in general. They started feeling way disposable and repetitive. And I felt relief that I stopped combing through the App Store looking for the latest greatest ultimately disappointing or scammy freebie.

I felt that I was disassociating myself from apps– but recently a few came roaring out of the App Store and got me re-hooked. I

So figure I’d share em:

Action Movie FX app which you can do stuff like this:

Akinator the Genie
My nephews showed me this one. Totally 20 Questions but the accuracy is pretty pretty spot on. Fun for the whole family.

And Scramble with Friends
Totally backloaded with requests so no offense if I don’t respond– but this one got me back into Word stuff big time cause it’s all fun and stuff.

If you have an app that you’re digging alot please post it below.

I’ll think of something better to write about later too and stuff…

Hope your Monday is going aok.

ok bye!


Young says:

2 to try:
Lego Harry Potter
You Don’t Know Jack

Doug says:

Remote control apps are fun. For TV’s, and to remote into PC’s. Miss the infrared on my PALM. Used the universal remote app on that and could open most doors and gates with it.

Brad says:

It’s been about 2 years since I gave up my iphone for a droid. My favorite killing time app game was Archibald’s Adventures. It’s over 3 years old, but lots of fun. They have a lite version

goats says:


goatse says:


the REAL weeze says:


Angry Man says:

Fuck apps write something about your sex life

Frank says:

He’s asexual!

Steve Jobs Ghost says:

I thought you bought a Macbook what is with your wires everywhere. Cord fail!

A Concerned Parent says:

How about we comment like adults and not use “F” to make a point? Just a THOUGHT!

Jayslickbalt says:

Fuck You you fucking fuck face

General Ooops says:

Roscoe didn’t see that missle coming.

Anonymous says:

this place sucks fuck this i’m never coming back here

Joe says:

Glad to see the site is picking up again!!! Keep it going tOdd!

Screw You says:

I actually respect peeps that swear in real conversation. Instead of filtering I find them to be more genuine and less deceptive.

goatse says:

Screw You, go fuck a goat.

Evil Roscoe says:

Better yet have a go with Mr. Deng.

shitbird says:

fuck yourself with your mommas dick

flowy dress waitress says:

distant shores
rolando 2
there is myst on ipad (remember myst?)
and my all time fav: zenbound

They aren’t free, but they aren’t expensive either.

Ophum says:

@shitbird, that was my dad you fucked. It wasn’t my mom with a dick. He’s a tranny and dresses like my mom. Your a fag now and you fucked my dad.

Anonymous says:

Kingdom Rush

cluffy says:

First time post, long time fan. My favorite app is the Free Apps app. New disposable apps every day, but usually there’s a keeper every day or two. My ipod has all the pages filled up, free apps are the reason i got this thing!

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