September 07 2011

Asking For Your Mon-ay! Right Now! Boom! (on gf behalf)


It’s rare that I ask for money here for stuff but I’d like your help if you can spare some extra cash for a good cause.

The gf is running in the NYC Marathon (I am very much super not ain’t not– but I will motivate to get off the couch to go cheer and stuff. Weird yin/yang couple situation…) Anyway, she’s agreed to raise a total of $3500 for a charity to sponsor her place in the marathon. The organization is called Fred’s Team and it’s all about stopping cancer and stuff. I for one am against all forms of cancer and will go on record saying so.

So I ask of you to help out and support her runnings. Donate to a good cause and stuff. And help her reach her goal. She’s been training really hard and if she doesn’t raise the money for Fred’s Team they’ll be all wtf-ish and stuff.

If you can please send donate via PAYPAL to and I will send the money on to her Fred’s Team goal. It would be really nice of you if you have money to spare and wanna do something coolio and stuff. Thanks totally (for realsers it is a good cause) if you can… Even if it’s just a fiver…


PS> New What’s Happening by end of day!


opposite weeze says:

last bitches.

Anonymous says:

show us a pic of who we are sponsering first

Anonymous says:

If she raises the money, then you should do a number 9 cartoon.

hebba says:

when is the GF going to get your lazy butt in shape??

Apache Chief says:

No picture! NO donation!

bob says:

We know nothing about her. How about a story of how you met including a pic of the happy couple together?

NashvilleBill says:

A naked pic at that, and not of you…

Concerned Pervert says:

I somehow knew that, after reading this What’s Happening, that the majority of comments would be wanky pervs asking for naked pics and/or drawing of your GF.

Even I wouldn’t stoop that low.

NashvilleBill says:

Your just pissed because I beat ya too it…

Anonymous says:

I agree about the story. Being single was a big part of your site and your cartoons. Now you have a girlfriend. Let’s hear how you met.

Lorelei says:

I wish I had some dough to help out, but unfortunately I’m being raped by medical bills… good luck with the fundraising, and I, too, would REALLY dig you at least giving account as to how you and the GF hooked up! YEAH!

Hey says:

If she raises the money can we get a new cartoon? And not a Time one, I don’t want to learn anything.

Anonymous says:

I saw the “Featured Thing” box and I thought it was a cartoon. I clicked on it and it just sent me to the story. Not even a close-up of the drawing.

Becky in Tejas says:

How close is she now? I hope she has a great time!

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