July 13 2014

Beauty and the beasts…

from Instagram
Beauty and the beasts...


wence says:

I’m absolutely appalled by this photograph and I think child protective services would be as well. Having your innocent toddler posing in a picture with two flea bag ass sniffing mongrels. What if one of them shit in her mouth and she contracted Toxoplasmosis. Just atrocious.

Nicol says:

Lola doing a little photo bombing.

Anonymous says:

Wence is a douche

Laura says:

Hi Todd! I sent you an apple corer-slicer in 2006-ish? And I just had a brain fart and though “huh, I wonder what ever happened to OddTodd” and it looks like you got hitched and had a kid and moved and roscoe got a friend! Phenomenal! Even though I only know you in the way you can barely know someone by reading their website for a couple of months during your own sketchy employment and mailing them a random kitchen utensil, I am super happy for you! Keep having an awesome life!!! Love from NYC.

Odd Todd says:

Hi Laura. I remember that slicer. It looked like junk so I sent it to my aunt Ginny for her 64th birthday. Coolio for sending me something to re-gift so I didn’t have to spend money on that disgusting old battle-axe.

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