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I used to work at this scuba shop, I thought it would be a really fun job. The owner seemed really nice and a real Texan at heart which made him a little crazy, but generally a good guy.

I worked directly under his son, however. His son must not have liked his life because every chance he got, he was on my case about something. No matter how menial it was, he had to get on my case about something. All the mean while, he would sit at his desk for 8 hours straight and type away at his computer while me and two other employees did all the work. God knows what he was doing but it infuriated me when he would yell at me for not doing something when he's sitting on his ass all day long.

There was one occasion when he particularly pissed me off. I had been there for four months, I had already gotten a raise from the owner and was told I was doing a splendid job. It was summer time and we hired a couple people for summer help. These people had been the summer help for the past couple of years, so they were the boss' favorite. He was in love with the girl and the moment she came to work, I was pushed aside like old garbage. I understand hierarchy, but they're only summer help, I'm the full time employee. He began giving her every single task, teaching her new things, giving her all the details about everything and leaving me with absolutely nothing to do.

She wasn't around one day and something that was her task to do, had to get done. I took the initiative to get it done instead of waiting till the next day, but when he found me doing it, he became furious at me and asked me what I was thinking doing her task (which would normally be anyone's task). He told me not to sit at "her" desk anymore (which, it was actually my desk) and to just wait for her to return tomorrow to get it done. Yeah, I pretty much felt like garbage after that.

Now that I'm gone, I just feel pity for him and anyone who has to work there.



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