Did you have a bad trip? Sucky vacation? Bad plane ride? Awful hotel? Weird euro situation? Write it up!


Hey Todd! Love the new section!
Anywhos, this is def. not a bad trippin' story. I feel kind of bad being a bad influence to all the young'uns out there, but oh well.
I was sceduled for a flight to Florida in the wee hours of the morning, and I wanted to make it worth my while. I made two full-strength "Special Brownies"  for my flight, and since I have experimented with them before, I ate them about 2 hours before leaving for the airport, staggering them an hour apart. Now with "Special Brownies," the effects are MUCH more intense (you're absorbing ALL of the psychoactive compounds; smoking only gives you 60%) and they last about 9-12 hours.
Standing in line for bag check-in was probably the hardest part, since my knees kept buckling, about 2 hours after my first dose, and hour after the second, and it was a very long line, but I was feeling completely euphoric. Customs was fun and interesting, since it was THE DAY that the liquids were banned on all flights and such, was interesting because I haven't been on a plane since 2000, so I was literally laughing at the sight of all of the businessmen walking through with no shoes on. The security guard gave me a look, and I smiled at him. Waiting for the plane was fun, I was listening to 311 and just chilling out, then we boarded. When it was time for takeoff, I was completely high, and it timed it perfectly- take off was surreal, listening to Dark Side of the Moon; just seeing everything from such an odd angle was fun; it was so intense-feeling. I was riding on a great high for the rest of the "trip" (haha) and there was a long afterglow the rest of the day; I went swimming and went to eat, and that was fun. Lasted about 12 hours since I staggered the brownies, and then felt relaxed the next day.
No one in my family noticed at all because it was frickin' 4 am and they expected my eyes to be bloodshot anyways.


Here's another bad trip story.  My best friend from high school and I took a
week or 10 days -I forget- and flew to Hawaii to vacation.  Her older sister
lived there while sister's husband was in the Navy, somewhere underwater on
a sub.  So, we arrive at their apartment, prepared to start enjoying the
beautiful life that is Hawaii.  However, after a few days of activities
(hiking a volcano, visiting cultural centers) her sister's cold attitude
towards us started getting under our skin.  It was like she was seriously
inconvenienced by her own sister and friend merely sleeping in the home,
occupied by only her.  (One would think that a newly-married woman would be
desperate for some comfort or companionship while her husband was at sea,
but she seemed to do her best to make us feel as unwelcome as possible.  It
got to the point where my friend and I considered ways to get out of this
situation.  Hotel?  Early flight back?  Imagine!  Being made to feel so
unwelcome that one would want to leave HAWAII early.  Now, that's power.



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