July 06 2011

Bunch of Emails to Read (if you wanna)

Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 10:48:41 -0700
From: a——–@gmail.com
To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com

This is going to sound totally weird, but I googled “my dog pees like a girl” and your site came up first. I don’t know anything further about fixing my doggie problem, but your message about Roscoe had me dying I was laughing so hard. My dog is 6 months old and pees like a girl, which would be OK by me if he’d stop peeing in the house.

Anyway, just had to tell you how hilarious it was and now I’ve been reading some other stuff on your site and I’m still laughing. Thanks for that, happy 4th!


Dear Oddtodd,

I’m a lowly, intern reporter at my newspaper and was just recognized as a weekly MVP for my personable, “goofy” writing style (which is a rarity in the news business, I guess?) and someone asked how I got to writing like that. And after all my college reporting classes, all my fiction-writing classes, a few years “working,” I think one of my biggest writing influences has been, rather surprisingly, you. There’s nothing fancy about it, neither of us is going to be winning a prize for it any time soon (last time I checked there wasn’t a Pulitzer for being “goofy”), but it’s relatable and fun. Not too serious.

Anyways, thanks a whole bunch and good vibes to you! I’ve been reading/watching your site since I was in high school.

Matt B

p.s. A few years back I sent you a message about getting a photo published on the cover of the NY Times and you replied. That was the best.


Hey Todd,

This is Nisa, our 10 year old lab & beagle mix. She lost that front leg about 18 months ago due to a cancerous tumor growing on the nerves under her shoulder. I had mixed feelings about doing the amputation, but Nisa didn’t!

Within a week she was sneaking up the stairs and went right back to running around the park and playing Frisbee as soon as she could talk us into it. We promised to keep her Happy and Clueless for as long as we could. We lost her two weeks ago after noticing the remaining front leg was beginning to show symptoms of nerve damage.

Our hearts are broken, but we kept our promise. We will always miss her, but we are very blessed and lucky to have had the Best.Dog.Ever!


You’re obviously more clever than I, but if you need morning invention ideas… helicopter ejector seats, submarine screen doors…


Hey Todd! Just recently visited New York. I don’t believe you like using the subway often but I have 2 left over metro cards with about $10 combined on them. Just wanted to know if you thought that you would use them or know of someone that would & I would mail them to you. (not sure if they expire but I was there til 5/1) You are the only person that I “know” in NY so let me know.

Thanks for all the laughs!



Hey Todd babe, wassup?? Long time! Where you at? Btw, I’ve just put up my new hosting reel on my wall.

Will ya take a look when ya can? Love any feedback, like telling me your favorite part.


Hi Todd,

I’ve watched your site for a while now, so I know that you’re a zombie aficionado. I’m not as much of a zombie fan, but I can see that they do, at times, carry deeper moral or political messages then people give them credit for.

Anyway, I was watching “28 Days Later” the other day. It made me wonder about a few things. And I thought maybe, with your knowledge of the undead, you might be able to answer my questions.

1) Was “28 Days Later” the first time a zombie outbreak was portrayed as being caused by a disease rather than something
supernatural? If not, do you know what film/book/story/video game was the first to do that?

2) Second question’s pretty much the same as the first, but here I’m wondering about fast, skittering zombies as opposed to the slow,
“Braaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiins!” type.

Thanks and best regards,

hey tOdd!

long time canadian fan. you’ve kept me laughing for years now, and whenever i see a dog like roscoe i always think of you….

i want to start a thread on the TV board about blackmail, and thought i should run it by you first…..
reason being i’ve been reading your board for…well since 2004?!? (somewhere around there) and i know there’s such an awesome range of people to get an honest opinion from.
blackmail is a little touchy – so whaddya think?

may i? who knows if anyone will even reply but i felt like i should run it by you first for some reason…..


Hey tOdd

can you please “like” this: http://www.facebook.com/evendesigninc
trying to get more traffic to the page

appreciate your help



I would be interested in purchasing Odd Todd greeting cards if you are interested in mailing.

Let me know. I have another wedding anniversary coming up…

Becky in Tejas

Go Rangers!
Updated Review: There’s Nothing Out There

AKA “Invasion of the B-Movies: The Movie!”





Crumbles says:

Oh Boy! Letters, dog pictures annnnWHAM

Crumbles says:

and zombies…

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

Johanna. Your tits are too small for television.

PLewiS says:

I actually think she has a good look

Anonymous says:

Yeah. Her lips look like they ..

Paule says says:

More pictures of the week Todd!

tainted says:

hehe i remember letter of the day..i think i sent a greeting card like 6 years ago.

Gary O says:

Johanna is smokin hot. I think she looks great. Too bad she isn’t in the NYC area.

Johanna's Tits says:

Johanna’s Tits: (.)(.)

Gingers Boobs: ( O Y O )

Any questions?


Nate says:

Grow the fuck up loser and stop talking about Johanna’s breasts. There are plenty of places for your pea-brain to see giant fake breasts full of scars, big blue veins and nipples pointing in opposite directions. Someone’s broadcast demo reel is not it.

Johanna, you are going to have a hard time with the name. Also, your reel is too long. Keep them under 2 minutes and only put the very best stuff in there. Leave them wanting more, not looking at the clock and wondering when is this ending.

Anonymous says:

Oh Johanna. Empty Oprah Syndrome. Lyndsay Lohan’s new lawyer. Candy cane stripe dresses. Donald Trump. Pussy hair or not? These are the things that really matter !

Nate says:

Exactly what part of “Grow the fuck up loser” are you not understanding, little troll. Momma didn’t love you enough?

Marcus silk says:

I like her there is potential there

Hawkeye says:

I cried about Nisa. She’s beautiful and I’m glad she was as happy as long as she could be. Best wishes to your family.

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