April 11 2010

Lots of Random Emails Here

Hey wanna read a bunch of emails that have come in lately.

Including some feedback from the April Fools situation and some other randoms etc yadda…

To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com
Subject: SSUP
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 19:22:46 -0700

Hey Your Oddness,

You don’t mind if we have a local chapter of SUPP, do you? Of course I’m not
supposed to be telling you about this since it’s super secret, but some
folks were paranoid that we could get in trouble, or something. There will
be cupcakes.

Portland, Oregon
Land of the highest unemployment in the nation on a fairly consistent basis

(continue reading…)



April 09 2010

The Remote Boat Fiasco

So this past week my nephew came to town. I picked him up at my brother’s office in midtown and we immediately headed to FAO Schwarz because my nephew had $20 to spend. He wanted to get a remote control car. We found one for $40 and I told him I’d pay for half…

But in the same section there was also a yellow remote control speedboat! And Mr. Smart Uncle had the bright idea of him getting the speedboat instead. I told him we could bring it to Central Park and zoom it around in the fountain with the toy sailboats. Told him we could do donuts with the speedboat around the sleepy old sailboats. Better than any regular old car…

We got the boat and batteries and headed deep into the park toward the big fountain.

Here’s a photo of the fountain with the boats…


… whennn it has water in it— which it don’t yet. Too early in the season. It was still bone dry. (continue reading…)



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