July 21 2010

Wednesday’s Pets are Here!

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 07:15:42 -0700
Subject: Weds Pets
To: oddtodd7@hotmail.com

This is my daughter “Squishy Bumpkins” with our 3 month old Great Pyranees, Aslan. He’s just a giant lump of a puppy and prefers following me around and trying to herd the kids to other puppy activities. He enjoys stuffed ducks, big chunks of ice and long walks….except when he doesn’t and decides to just sit in the middle of the road and not move.

You’re doing great things, Todd! Keep it up! PS I think you should make a cartoon from your idea for “speed hating” because that cracked me up.

Kate the Great

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June 26 2010

Roscoe Pees in the Pool

He’s that kid I guess. And yes he got a bath…



May 12 2010

Wednesday’s Pets are Here!

Attached are some pics of my “children” — Latte, the choc lab (a rescue dog) drinking a Starbucks Latte and Macy (queen of the castle) in the bathroom sink. Aren’t pets the best?


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