August 16 2010

Hey! I Got A New Old Toaster!

So over the weekend I was walking around town with a friend of mine and we stopped to check out a stoop sale. Lots of weird vintage-y stuff was on the curb. Tea pots with wind-up musicboxes built in. Strange old booklets and pamphlets. Creepy crate of old wonk eye dolls. Sunday hats. Vinyl records. Fur things. Old film cans (no there was no new Zapruder film). Old radios. Old magazines. All coolio– (although I was a little creeped out because it seemed like all the stuff belonged to one old lady– so was a ghosty mist hovering around it all.)

Anyway, there was a small toaster that looked coolio. And one thing I’ve been thinking for a while is I should get a smaller toaster. I don’t have alot of counter space and I have a hunking big toaster that’s a pain to take out and put away every time I want to make toast etc. This was the perfect size.

I asked the woman if it worked and she said it did. Said it was from the 1930’s. She was asking $40 but I bargained her down to $30 and I bought it. Check it out…

Cool looking, right?

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August 03 2010

Sunglass-less Baldie Bald

I haven’t owned a pair of sunglasses in years.

Reason #1 is probably because I wear regular prescription glasses and without question if I got prescription sunglasses I would lose them inside of six weeks. They’d vanish. Left on some bar or in someone’s car or something.

Reason #2 is because I’m bald. And I feel weird wearing sunglasses. I’m not sure what it is but I think bald guys look strange with sunglasses. Maybe not all bald guys do– but I think me for sure. (I look strange in most things in general so that probably doesn’t help).

But like, if I wear sunglasses I think I look like a cop. Or some sort of robot cyborg or something. They’re so full blast on my face front and center. When you have hair I think sunglasses are like an accessory but when you’re bald it’s the main event. It’s a statement that says ‘I’m wearing these sunglasses! Right now! Right in your face! Deal with it!’ Unless you’re goateeing or earringing or whatever– glasses are the only other thing going on face-wise for bald guys. So whatever sunglasses I’d wear I think would be amplified in terms of statement just by default.
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June 16 2010

Fish Oil Suspicion (and a Daily Scan!)

So a week or so ago I went food shopping with a couple friends. We all loaded up our carts at the Fairway in Red Hook with the this and that etc. By the checkout registers there was a huge display of ‘Fish Oil Omega-3’ capsules. For whatever reason we all wanted the friggin fish oil capsules (even though none of us knew wtf with why– they were only $5.99 so whatever we all bought some).

I’ve heard about Omega-3 Fish Oil blah blah but never really paid attention to the dilly. I eat alot of fish so I’ve never been concerned extra. And I sort of rolled my eyes at the idea of buying this sort of thing because I don’t believe in vitamins or any of that stuff. In the past whenever I’ve bought some multivitamin on St. John’s Ginko or whatever the natural thing of the moment is– it’s always like totally whatever. And later proven to be bullsht. I think 95% of all supplements are unnecessary scams. (I once got a B- on a science test so I do have some experience here…)

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