Hey Oddy McToddy!

It's been a while since we've written you! So, as you may have been aware, last Wednesday was 4/20. We took the opportunity to make the day a skip day and didn't go to work! I met Kristin at her house around 10:30 a.m. and we packed a lunch and headed out for a day of fun!

We visited a local sculpture garden...

Sometimes it's hard to tell what's art and what isn't.

Kristin led the way inside a gallery and showed me her idea of art.

Art is so subjective anyway.... Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, right!?

We learned about ancient cultures and distant lands...

Then we ended up running into our boss chaperoning his kids field trip, so we decided to split. We drove around for a bit with a pack of cigs and a bag of chips, blasting a little Black Eyed Peas.

We wound up at the Zoo and visited the monkey house. This little guy was trying to pick away the goo in the crack of his glass cage.

Kristin tried to be helpful and pick away the goo with him.

I warned her about sticking things into the cages, but he made off with part of her sunglasses anyway.

You can see he's sitting on the rock up there chewing on the plastic covering from the ear piece. It was pretty damn funny, however, if you hear in the news about how some monkey died because he choked on the plastic ear piece from a pair of sunglasses - I had nothing to do with it!

It was Sparky's day off, but apparently they work him on his vacation days too. Poor Sparky. I hope he get's over time.

Then we saw the giraffes - which (according to the sign on his cage) are like big cows with long necks. Incidentally, this past weekend I went on a date with a guy who shot a giraffe on safari in Africa. Now look at this sweet innocent face! I ask you - where is the sport in shooting a big cow with a long neck!!!???!!!

By the time we left the Zoo, rush hour was in full blast. I was then subjected to Kristin's version of Tiny Dancer.

We decided we wanted to visit some animals we could pet, so we went to a local humane society and played with the animals for a bit. This cat thought I was a tree.

This dog only had three legs, but he could jump really really high! (Perfect way to end our 4/20 day!)

Love, hugs, and other indoor sports,

Nicole & Kristin

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