September 30 2013

Coming March 2014!!

from Instagram
Coming March 2014!!


Stanford Book Shop says:

great! any names? mep for a boy?

Andrea says:

Congratulations Todd!!

Carrie says:

Congratulations to both of you!

The Stork says:

*Hiccup* There might have been *Hiccup* a slight *Hic* mixup *Hiccup* don’t worry *Hiccup* I’ll fix *Hic* it.

Whitey D says:

Congratz Todd!

Jim says:



Gnatsmom says:


Anonymous says:

Congrats! Does the wife know about the baby?

Duncan says:

I hope you buy some obamacare

Anonymous says:


Andrew says:

Alright! Best thing I ever did was having my daughter. Congratulations Todd!

Nisbett says:

Congrats Todd. 🙂

Lucy says:

Congratulations! Get ready for every part of your life to change…all for the better!

Sean Kong says:

Atta boy OddTodd, atta boy.

Nicol says:

Holy Moly Batman! This is so cool. Congrats OddPop.

Karen says:

SO Happy for you!!!!

Momo says:

Congratulations!! (From a long-time reader)

Deez Nuts says:

Yup it’s only 4 more years until Divorced Land. Something happens to women after they have the kids. Be watchful of this. Most single mommas out there play off the baby mamma drama to get attention.

Archibald says:

So, Anna, when will your debut on Jerry Springer be?

Leroy says:

For realz Anna wants Deez Nuts in her. We gots to hook deez to ups.

rab says:

has the same hair like you, must be yours

lynn says:

I love it! roscoe for a boy and mep for a girl. Congrats Todd.

Shanti says:

I have a feeling this bundle of joy will be born 3 to 4 weeks prematurely.

Hey Todd! says:

Haven’t checked this site in YEARS! Just a random fan from way back. Was just thinking about you recently. Glad you’re doing well, and congrats on the baby, man! All the best.

Tamara H says:


Anonymous says:


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